Jocelyn Petroni

Beauty Salon Business Owner

Jocelyn Petroni

"Running your own salon involves working long hours but the workload is enjoyable and is deeply rewarding"

Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia. Jocelyn has built her business, staff and clients for over a decade and operates two elegant, high-end salon spaces in Woollahra and Paddington.

Her skill, attention to detail and quality are unparalleled, and through her various ambassadorships with luxury brands such as Chanel Australia, she and her staff are at the cutting edge of nail and beauty trends. Jocelyn is in constant demand across fashion, print, television, and from the public.

Jocelyn’s work is recognised regularly in the media, and she is frequently featured in Vogue, Harpers, Elle and many other publications and blogs.

Internationally trained, Jocelyn continues to refine and grow her knowledge and skill set, and strongly believes that staff training, personal development, and an obsession with quality are the keys to her success.

1 In a couple of short sentences, tell us about your career path and how it has evolved over time. 

I wanted to study Beauty Therapy when I finished school but the course was too expensive for me. I interviewed at all the top colleges in Sydney and asked the principals about scholarships, which didn’t exist in the industry at the time. I remember one principal of a well-known college laughing at my enquiry. I decided to work nights (to pay for my tuition) and study at the best college at the time. One month into my course I was given a scholarship - the principal decided to enquire with the government and was granted five scholarships. I was lucky enough to be granted one. 

2 What advice would you offer students looking to get into the beauty industry? 

There are opportunities to work with great salons and teams. I believe if you take initiative in the beauty industry and align yourself with successful businesses and people, you will have a successful career. I have always taken the time to respond to individuals who contact me for advice and employment prospects because I value initiative. 

3 What is the Australian beauty industry like, how is it unique?

The Australian beauty industry is a growing and evolving industry for which there will always be a consumer demand. In Australia beauty therapists with a diploma qualification are qualified in all areas of beauty therapy and recognised worldwide for their skills and friendly client care.   

4 What's it like running your own salon?

Running your own salon involves working long hours but the workload is enjoyable and is deeply rewarding. Building a great team takes time and involves ongoing staff training, investment, careful planning and being an open communicator.

5 What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your career and how did you overcome it?

My greatest challenge as a business owner is finding the right balance between work and home life. As a business owner, you have to be willing to put in a lot of work 'behind the scenes’. It can be difficult to ‘switch off’ at the end of the day because there is always work that needs to be done, a never-ending to-do list. Overcoming this challenge requires having a schedule that allows time for work and some down time for myself, time with my family and meeting up with friends.

6 What are the top 3 things employers are looking for in a beauty therapy professional?

1. Initiative
2. Honesty
3. Attention to detail

7 Anything else you would like to add?

I want young women and men to see beauty therapy as a solid and successful career path. It’s so much more than enjoying painting your own nails and a serious approach combined with hard work will ensure a successful career as a beauty therapist.

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