What will you do in 2022? Australia’s growing industries

Post by Open Colleges on October 9th, 2017

Australia’s job market is constantly changing. Jobs exist today that didn’t 10 years ago. This is largely due to population growth, the economy and technology. So, what can we expect over the next five years?

The Australian Government recently released its 2017 Industry Employment Projections Report, which predicts the industries that will grow between now and 2022. Let’s take a look at the hottest industries and what this means for you:


Healthcare and Social Assistance

Earmarked as the top growth industry over the next five years to 2022, it’s no surprise that healthcare and social assistance jobs are in high-demand. According to the report, this sector will experience the most growth at 16.1% (or 250,500 jobs). This is due to Australia’s ageing population, the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and an increasing demand for childcare and home-care services.

There are many great reasons to work in this industry. Firstly, it’s an incredibly rewarding career path that could see you make a difference in the lives of others. Secondly, roles are diverse and can range from community care to nursing. Finally, it’s one industry that won’t be replaced by technology any time soon!



Jobs in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services category are not expected to slow anytime soon. Employment is tipped to grow by 12.5% (or 126,400 jobs) over the next five years.  Jobs in this category include technology-based roles like web-programming and engineering and professional services roles such as Accounting. It’s easy to see why it’s such a fast-growing sector. Not only are we becoming more reliant on technology and more creative with how we use it, but, in many cases, technology systems are central to how we do business. Therefore, someone who possesses strong technical skills will be an asset to any company.

There are lots of great study options available to help you get your foot in the door in this growing industry. There are courses to suit every skill from a Certificate IV in Programming to a Certificate IV in Web-based Technologies.


Education and Training

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt as adults, it’s that education doesn’t stop when we finish school. Employment in Education and Training is tipped to grow by 12% (or 116,200 jobs) over the next five years.

This will be driven by: “growth in the school-aged population, continued strength in the international education sector, growing demand for adult and community education and continuing growth in part-time workers and non-teaching staff in the industry.”

So, where could a career in this thriving industry take you? If you love working with kids, a Certificate III in Education Support could set you on an exciting path to becoming a Teacher’s Aide in Primary or Secondary schools, and see your in-demand skills put to great use.



No surprises here – construction is on the up! This sector is tipped to grow by 120,700 jobs in the next five years (or 10.9%), buoyed by a growing population and steady demand for residential and commercial development.

Tapping into this industry could see you working as a Licensed Builder, Site Supervisor or Construction Manager. There are many flexible study options available if you’re looking for a career in construction. 


What other industries are expected to grow?

The good news is that it’s not just the above four industries that will experience strong employment growth. According to the report, 16 industries are tipped to grow over the next five years. These include: Accommodation and Food Services (11.2%), Arts and Recreation (9.9%), Rental, Hiring and Real-Estate Services (8.5%), and Administrative and Support Services (8.4%).

So, if you’ve been considering re-skilling or changing careers, why not transfer your existing skills to some of these industries?

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