Have a Positive Impact on Your Community

If you're looking at a career that will help you make a real difference in the lives of whole communities or individuals at risk, a nationally recognised qualification could give you the skills and confidence to have a lasting impact. 

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Empowering Change: A Career in Community Services

Our Community courses focus on preparing individuals for careers in community services. It equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively contribute to and support communities and individuals in need. Through a comprehensive curriculum and practical experience, students learn how to make a positive impact on people's lives while also gaining insights into personal and professional growth

Transform Lives: Pursue a Fulfilling Community Services Career

You can make a big difference and change people's lives if you want to, all you need to do is believe in yourself and take the next step. If you want to have a gratifying feeling every day, a career in community services may be perfect for you. 

Studying community services with Open Colleges could completely change your perspective and show you what you are capable of, both professionally and personally. Acquiring all the necessary knowledge and skills to develop your career as a community worker, you will learn how to make a real difference in the lives of whole communities or individuals at risk. The nationally recognised training includes two weeks work placement, where you will practise your community service skills.

If this is an area that you’ve always been looking to get involved in, look no further. Get in touch today with an Open Colleges Enrolment Consultant to answer any questions you have and to take this next big step.

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