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One in five people has a disability and as the sector continues to grow, employers are actively seeking qualified, compassionate workers. A career in the disability sector is both attainable and hugely fulfilling.

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Be a Friend to Vulnerable People 

If you're passionate about making a difference and desire a highly employable career, disability support might be the perfect choice for you. Our specialised courses provide the foundation for disability care and equip you with skills to offer tailored support, enabling your clients to thrive. After attaining a nationally recognised qualification through Open Colleges, you'll be primed for a professional role in the disability sector, with potential career outcomes including roles such as Care Assistant, Disability Support Worker, Behavioural Support Officer, Community-Based Support Officer, and Disability Team Leader, among others. Explore Open Colleges' disability support courses today to become a catalyst for positive change in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Empowering Potential: Unlock Your Future in Disability Support

The number of people with a disability who need help to perform everyday tasks is increasing, and so are the job opportunities within this highly rewarding sector. If you enjoy helping others and want to make yourself highly employable, a career in disability support could be the right choice.

With our specialist disability support courses, you’ll learn the foundations of disability care and equip yourself with the skills to provide individualised support and empower your clients. After acquiring a nationally recognised qualification with Open Colleges, you will be prepared to become a professional in the disability sector. Some of the potential career outcomes you will be able to access include Care Assistant, Disability Support Worker, Behavioural Support Officer, Community-Based Support Officer and Disability Team Leader, among many others. 

Explore one of Open Colleges’ disability support courses today and find out how you can help improve the lives of hundreds of people with disabilities.

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