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Our custom-designed learning platform, OpenSpace, provides you with a user-friendly interface, that is mobile responsive. It’s about letting you study from anywhere, when it suits you. Our cutting-edge learning platform has been custom designed to keep students engaged and motivated while they study.  

Key Features

Envision your course

Engaging & Interactive coursework

From small games to video elements, OpenSpace will keep you interested and motivated while you study.

  • Interactive assessment activities
  • Real-time access to updates

Anytime, anywhere

Unlike a classroom, OpenSpace is available 24/7, 365 days a year, providing you with all the access and flexibility you need to succeed.


Text to speech capability allows you to have your study materials read out loud while you go about your daily business.

Central point for information

Documents can be uploaded or downloaded to be printed, all while being stored safely on the one platform.

Countless possibilities, one learning platform.

OpenSpace allows you to complete your coursework using your laptop, iPad, or mobile device.

All coursework is automatically saved from any device, providing you with the flexibility you need to complete your studies anywhere, anytime - and the relief that your work will never be lost!

It even has text to speech capability, so you can have your study materials read out loud while you go about your daily business - learn on the go, in your car, on the train, the choice is yours.

A new way to study

OpenSpace is our online campus that allows you to conveniently study around your everyday life.

This easy-to-use platform is where you’ll find everything you need to study. Modules are broken up into short, simple sessions.

Modules are broken up into short, simple sessions, so even if you’re on the train or between appointments, you can log in and start learning.

Your online campus uses videos, podcasts, quizzes and simulated scenarios to make learning convenient and fun while.

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  • Study anywhere, on any device

  • No exams