The Top Five Careers with the Happiest Workers

Post by Open Colleges on December 11th, 2022

Nobody should have to dread going to work. If you feel stuck in an unhappy job, it might be time for a new career. The good news is, there are plenty of career options to choose from! 

Today, we’re looking at the five jobs that scored the highest in terms of job satisfaction and overall happiness. So, which careers scored the highest? Did yours? 

5. Physical Therapists 

Physical therapists help improve a person’s range of movement by evaluating and treating abnormal physical functions relating to an injury, disability, and other health conditions. This rewarding career is in demand, and the annual wage for a Physical Therapist in Australia is $113, 591.  

Physical therapists enjoy a high level of job satisfaction and fulfillment, as they enrich the lives of their patients daily. They also develop strong working relationships with their clients, with helps foster a sense of community and connection. Another bonus (apart from the great wage) is that Physical Therapists enjoy diverse working environments. They can be employed in various setups, such as home health agencies, hospitals, offices, sports facilities, and inpatient rehabilitation centers. 

At Open Colleges, we offer several courses that will kick-start your career in Physical therapy. 

4. Dentists  

This one surprised us! Dentists remove cavities, repair damaged teeth, read x-rays, perform surgery, and give proper dental hygiene advice to patients. Dentists report a high level of job satisfaction and overall happiness. They also enjoy great job stability as they provide an essential service.

An unexpected bonus of this profession is the work-life balance. After all, a dentist can’t exactly take their work home with them! When their workday is over, a dentist can switch off for the day and enjoy their personal time with friends and family without the worry of being called into the office.  

Plus, a qualified Dentist can earn an enviable $165, 000 a year!  

Are you ready to start a career in dentistry? The perfect place to begin is with the HLT35015 Certificate III in Dental Assisting, which will qualify you to work as an entry-level Dental Assistant. 

3. Gardeners 

Gardeners are the one happiest of all professions and nearly twice as happy as people in more prestigious and better paid jobs, says a new book by a UK economist and behavioural scientist Professor Paul Dolan. 

Gardeners work outside in nature and enjoy a high level of physical activity, which benefits both the mind and body. Gardeners get plenty of fresh air, often work alone, and have the freedom and flexibility to put their creative skills into action every day.  

If you can’t stand being shut up in a stuffy office, then this is definitely a good career option. The great news is you can study it online with Open Colleges! We offer both the AHC20416 Certificate II in Horticulture and the AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture. Both certificates are nationally recognised and delivered by industry experts.

2. Preschool Teacher  

Early Childhood Teachers are responsible for the basic health and well-being of their students. One of the reasons this job rates so highly in terms of overall job happiness, is the unique opportunity to tap into your inner child every day. You might spend your afternoon finger painting with your students or even reading imaginative stories. Sounds much more fun than being shut up in an office all day!  

If you love working with children and want to give them the best start in life, a career in early childhood education could be very rewarding. 

Check out our Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care Courses Online.

1. Construction workers  

The results are in! The career with the highest level of job happiness are construction workers! Want more good news: Construction workers are in very high demand right now. In fact, Construction is one of the most in-demand professions over the next five years.    

So, why are construction workers so happy with their jobs? Many workers report that they love the job satisfaction of seeing the physical results of their labour. The job security and the enviable pay are also huge bonuses. Construction workers get to work outside every day, breathe fresh air, and get their hands dirty. Plus, construction jobs promote and foster healthy relationships with co-workers. Since construction relies on everyone doing their job, it’s not surprising that workers report a high level of camaraderie and connection with their work mates. 

At Open Colleges, we offer the CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) and the CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building).

Whether you’re looking to get a builder’s licence or take the next step in your career and get off-the-tools, now is the perfect time to do it. 

Feeling inspired? Why not start a new career that makes you happy? We’d love to help you! 

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