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Working with children can be a fulfilling and stable career, with demand for childhood educators growing steadily. Get the skills to start a career in the classroom with a nationally recognised qualification.

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Start a Rewarding Career in Childhood Education

If you care about our future generations and want to help build a strong foundation for their development, a career in childhood education could be your calling. At Open Colleges, we offer a range of nationally recognised online Childhood Education courses. Build the skills you need to enter a new career, change careers, take the next step or get promoted. 

At times challenging, a career as a childhood educator can be a truly fulfilling and rewarding experience with the opportunity to shape and influence the young minds of tomorrow. As one of the most respected professions, childhood education professionals are highly sought after with the sector offering great opportunities for career development and growth.  

Best of all, you can study when it suits you and without taking any time off from your day job. 

Build a Fulfilling Career in Early Childhood Education and Education Support

If you love working with children and aspire to provide them with a strong foundation, both early childhood education and education support are rewarding paths to explore. As an early childhood educator, you'll make a significant impact on young minds during their formative years. In education support, you'll contribute to the learning journey of students by assisting teachers and creating an engaging classroom environment.

Our nationally recognised courses in Early Childhood Education and Care and Education Support will equip you with essential skills and knowledge. From nurturing children's growth to collaborating within educational settings, you'll be prepared to thrive in these vital roles. Gain practical experience through work placements and embark on a journey where both your career and the lives of those you support will flourish.

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