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Amy Jean

"I’m not afraid of good old hard work. I look for this fearless attitude when I hire staff now. In the infancy of my business, I'd work late every night and woke up so happy knowing I could "create" all day again."

Born and raised on the picturesque South Coast of NSW, 33 year-old Amy Jean Linnehan has become an internationally-recognised brow artist, tending to the arches of the rich and famous across the globe.

Dubbed ‘the brow magician’ by her high profile clientele, including Naomi Campbell, Dannii Minogue, Courtney Love, Mel B, Jesinta Campbell, Sandra Sully, Kate Waterhouse and Delta Goodrem, Amy Jean has built an unshakable reputation as the go-to-girl for brows and lashes.

1 In a couple of short sentences, tell us about your career path and how it has evolved over time.

It began with a passion for art and business. I was lucky enough to combine the two. I've continually challenged myself over the past 12 years with new projects such as franchising my stores, developing my own eyebrow devoted cosmetics, pioneering "micro-feather brow tattooing” into Australia, working in "pop-up salons” across Australia as well as Paris, Milan and New York. There is always room to create more challenges for yourself.

2 What's the secret to becoming such a successful international lash and brow artist?

I’m not afraid of good old hard work. I look for this fearless attitude when I hire staff now. In the infancy of my business, I'd work late every night and woke up so happy knowing I could "create" all day again. You can't slow down because the industry has a "pace" and it's very fast! New concepts and innovations are emerging every year.

I continually travel overseas to industry trade fairs for training seminars and research. Work overseas if you can and learn from industry leaders.

3 What are the biggest challenges you face in your day and how do you overcome them?

The artistic component is a breeze. The challenges normally stem from me being short on time to "run the business" as I’m back to back with clients until quite late every night. I have an incredible team of artists and support. I'm trying to learn the art of switching "off" when I get home but I'm constantly tempted to jump on my emails with any spare moment I get (when no one’s watching).

4 What advice would you offer students looking to get into the lash and brow industry?

Be thorough from the start. Complete a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and do Certificates in Makeup or even art courses. Beauty therapy subjects are so diverse, which is a perfect opportunity to establish (if you like) the "artistic", "holistic" or "skin science" components you will cover. Be sure that the art of drawing or creating resonates with you. Learn from industry leaders and continually practise on friends and models. My first "brow station" was at the back of a bustling hair salon so I knew I had a captive audience with lots of traffic. Don't open in a quiet room where no one can see you (until you have built your brand).

5 How did you get started building a portfolio and eventually working with celebrities?

I launched my first signature "Eyebrow Boutique" from within the Palazzo Versace Hotel on the Gold Coast.

A lot of celebrities and A-listers started booking treatments then I would offer to travel to them…Sydney, Melbourne, LA, and so on. I knew you had to maintain these relationships. It's amazing how powerful a happy celebrity client can be for your brand!

Recently a Hollywood movie star called me to work with her in LA after my Aussie client Delta Goodrem passed on my number. I pinch myself, but it feels like yesterday that I was doing friend’s brows free of charge to get experience.

6 What are the latest trends in the lash and brow industry in Australia?

I'd like to say "realistic" brows will make a comeback this year. The "product overload" brow will always be featured on Instagram as a "statement" but it’s not practical. Those girls have spent hours drawing, perfecting and filtering those results.

Many of my clients turn to the subtle art of "micro-feather touch brow tattoo" then they use a light powder fill, then they put on more makeup. Likewise for lashes, extensions and anything overdone or false is OUT.

I've created my own brand of Lash Lift "Amy Jean Lash Elevate". Your natural lashes are lifted directly upwards and there is no need for mascara unless you want to bulk them up on the weekends. The results last a genuine 8 weeks and it looks soft rather than harsh and artificial.

7 What's next for you? Anything else you would like to add?

I’m always ticking. Last week I opened my 5th salon in Australia. My team is growing so rapidly, as is the demand for our services. I'm so grateful for the continued learning every day. But yes, I'm working on my next project!

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