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Leadership qualities

What Does Great Leadership Look Like?

What makes a great leader? This feature explores the idea of leadership - and how you can develop the skills you need to step up into a leadership role. Experts such as top business coach Glen Carlson, Suzi Dafnis from the Australian Businesswomen's Network, Emma Isaacs from Business Chicks, Stephen Shepherd from Altus Q and psychologist and author Meredith Fuller have added their expertise to this step-by-step guide to leadership.

What are the traits of great leaders and the questions you need to ask yourself before taking on a leadership role? How do you develop leadership skills, what are the biggest mistakes that leaders make (and how can you fix them)? We'll even explore how reluctant leaders can find success.

Whether you're on track for a top job, or trying to decide whether leadership is for you, we'll tell you the one thing that every great leader-on-the-rise has in their toolkit, the surprising things that all leaders do (that you probably haven't even noticed) and give you all the tips you need to take charge.

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