As new trends and technologies emerge, the business world is always in need of fresh entrepreneurial minds and qualified, inspiring leaders. If you’ve ever thought that you could be an outstanding business leader or considered launching your own business then this might be the right next step for you.

Open Colleges offers a wide range of nationally recognised courses as well as non-award short courses in leadership and business management. Through these courses, you will gain a strong understanding of the business environment and obtain the skills required to lead a team of people.  Study with Open Colleges to gain the skills and confidence needed to either start your own business or to step up into a leadership position.

Find the online qualification that best fits your needs to help you achieve your career goals and become the leader you’ve always wanted to be. Explore our range of Leadership and Business Management courses today.

Diploma of Business

Gain a professional edge over the competition with the BSB50215 Diploma of Business.  Learn the advanced skills needed to move into a management position and choose electives to focus on and hone your abilities.

Diploma of Leadership and Management

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to confidently step up into a management role. Throughout the BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management, you’ll learn how to effectively lead a team, manage performance, develop an operational plan and more.

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

Take the first step in your journey to management by learning the fundamentals of leadership, with the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management BSB42015.

Dual Qualification: Certificate IV in Business Administration and Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

Hone your business administration skills and become a Manager that people want to work for, with Open Colleges’ dual qualification: Certificate IV in Business Administration BSB40515 and Certificate IV in Leadership and Management BSB42015.

Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business

Have you always dreamed of running your own business? Get the professional skills you need to successfully start and operate your own small business, with the Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business BSB40320.

Certificate IV in New Small Business and Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication

Add marketing expertise to your small business management skills to get a head start against the competition, without extended costs or study time with the Certificate IV in New Small Business BSB42618 and Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication BSB42415.

Managing Workplace Conflict

Learn how to improve your team's morale and productivity. With this engaging short course, you'll develop your workplace management skills by harnessing powerful communication techniques, using emotional intelligence and understanding the role of HR in conflict management. 

Professional Communications Short Course

The Professional Communications short course focuses on the communication essentials you’ll need in a business, office or professional environment. Discover effective verbal and written communication tips, master body language and get your message across in the right way.