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How to future-proof your career

by Chloe Baird
Posted: May 21, 2020

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The job market is constantly evolving. With the break-neck speed at which new technology moves, it’s important that you keep up to avoid falling behind when it comes to in-demand skills. You want to make sure that your career path is leading you on a trajectory that can guarantee employment in the future, instead of finding yourself with a set of outdated skills that are no longer current.

Jobs that existed thirty years ago (when was the last time an Encyclopedia Salesperson came knocking on your door?) are no longer necessary; and the most popular jobs of the future may be ones you never expected.

Upskilling, reskilling and retraining are the new normal in today’s fast-paced workforce.

So, how can you future-proof your own career and make sure your skills remain relevant?

How can a VET qualification help future- proof your skillset? 

The impact of COVID-19 has highlighted the need for people to consider how to future-proof their current or future career. While it is impossible to prepare for every scenario (who thought the world would look so different just six months ago?), it is important to think about how you can further develop your skills to make sure you’re at the top of your game.  

“The need for ongoing reskilling and upskilling to support careers throughout life and identifying the changing nature of work and its impact on all Australians is more important than ever given the impact of COVID-19,” said Michaela Cash, the Minister for Employment and Skills (Source ref 3)

“The COVID-19 health and economic crisis is creating urgent demand for new skills across a broad range of sectors, as well as increased need for entry-level workers in key industries experiencing demand… Healthcare workers…are already so important. Now, many more occupations are just as vital.” (Source ref 3)

Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses are one way that you can prepare yourself for the workforce or to upskill. Open Colleges offers nationally recognised qualifications in Nursing, Aged Support, Disability Support, Cybersecurity, Building and Construction and other in-demand industries. And with lockdown laws around the country steadily being relaxed, we’re going to need qualified, skilled people in the coming months and years to fill positions in these growing industries.  

Studying online is the new normal 

There are many different ways the world has changed in the past six months. While nobody is denying the absolute tragedy and hardship this pandemic has caused, there have been some positive outcomes.  

For one, we are seeing a significant drop in global carbon emissions. There have been ceasefires declared in conflict zones. And it has led to a new wave of social responsibility from corporations who want to do their part for the community.  

During Australia’s nation-wide lockdown laws and the enforcement of social distancing, many education providers rushed to move their courses online to help students.  

Open Colleges has been providing distance education for a long, long time. More than 100 years, in fact. Online education is not ‘the new normal’ for us; it’s something we’ve had a long to perfect and refine, which means our students get the support they need to graduate with an accredited, nationally recognised qualification.   

Studying a course online means that you can study anytime, anywhere, and that you can balance your studies with your other commitments, whether that’s work, family, or anything else.  

Benefits of studying a VET course 

“A VET qualification opens the door to so many job options,” said Michaela Cash in her article for the West Australian. (Source ref 3) “There are significant subsidies, VET student loans and free training courses in areas of skills demand such as business administration, digital literacy and computing skills, health care and community care. Being flexible and looking at all options is going to help you navigate these unprecedented times.” 

There are plenty of other benefits to studying an online VET course.  

VET courses are designed specifically to help you develop competent,job-ready skills.In a recent National Centre for Vocational Education Research(NCVER) study¹, it found that 33.3% of VET graduates were not employed before they started training. After graduating,46.8% of that percentage had found employment.

The same report also found that from the 66.7% of students who were employed before training, 18% were employed at a higher skill level after graduating.  

In a report by Skilling Australia², it was found that the earning potential of VET graduates was higher than University graduates.  The median salary for a VET graduate is $56,000, while the median income for a University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree was $54,000.  

future-proof your career

This same report claimed that VET courses have been able to adapt more readily to changing workforce needs, with the VET sector providing training courses for 9 out of 10 occupations forecasted to have the highest growth of new jobs over the next five years;

Are you ready to begin an online course? 

Open Colleges has a versatile range of courses that are designed to teach you the skills and knowledge you need to get job ready. 

Check out our website to see which of our online courses could help you reach your career goals.  



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Chloe Baird

Chloe is an Open Colleges alumnus who now works full time for OC as a Content and Copywriting Specialist. She is passionate about encouraging others to pursue their goals through education.

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