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Post by Open Colleges on June 25th, 2021

Is there a difference between leadership and management?

This is the simplest way of putting it: leaders lead and Managers manage. What this basically means is that leaders have people who follow them and Managers have people who work for them.

Can Managers also be leaders? Yes, but just being promoted to Manager doesn’t automatically make you a leader. And just because you’re not in a managerial role doesn’t mean you’re not a good leader. You could already possess some of the necessary traits needed to be a competent Manager, even if you’re not currently leading a team.

The key to success in business leadership is to be both a strong leader and a capable Manager.

Read on to discover what traits you need to succeed in business leadership, what a business leadership course could offer you and what jobs you could potentially pursue in the future.  

Being a successful Manager also means being a capable leader.

Traits you need to be an effective Manager and lead a team

No matter what industry you’re in or the type of company you work for, there are some universal skills that all Managers need in order to effectively lead a team.

Leadership and management have many crossovers. And you ideally want to build a skillset that allows you to succeed both as a leader and a Manager.

These are some of the most important traits you need to have to successfully lead a team:

  • You need to be a strong communicator and an active listener.
  • You should be able to identify your employees’ strengths and weaknesses, helping them flourish in roles they excel at and helping them develop areas that need improvement.  
  • You always do what you say and say what you’ll do. Transparency is one way you can earn respect and trust with your team.
  • You choose to lead by example and put your best foot forward. Don’t arrive late every day if you also expect your team to get to work on time.
  • You’re continuously looking for new ways to learn and improve. Good Managers realise that there are always ways they can improve on their skills and are able to innovate.
  • You possess emotional intelligence and can navigate conflicts to find a suitable solution.

What are the benefits of studying a business leadership course?

Whether you’re currently working in a supervisory role and want to learn how to expand your skillset, or are looking to move into a senior position in the future, just about everyone can benefit from studying a business and leadership course.

Studying a business and leadership course can be especially beneficial if you’ve never had any direct, hands-on management experience. Studying a course can teach you new skills, effective strategies and key knowledge that can help you become a better leader and Manager. It may also get you thinking laterally about business and management, coming up with your own personalised strategies that fit in with your unique style of management.

Eight benefits of studying a business leadership course:

1. Improve your managerial skills

There is always something new you can learn and use to improve your skills. Even if you’re currently working in a supervisory role, there’s always room for improvement. And good leaders recognise this.

2. Learn how to effectively undertake project work

Project management is a lot different to being part of the team working on the project. It requires time management and organisational skills, co-ordination and communication. Whether you work in an agile environment or otherwise, understanding how to complete project work from start to finish as a Manager is important.

3. Understand the value of personal development

It’s important for Managers to assess their employees’ performance. Effectively managing your team’s performance means that you can uncover potential issues before they become big problems. But this isn’t just a way for you to make sure your team isn’t slacking off – it also provides you with a way to find out if there are any areas in which your employees want to improve or branch out into. A good Manager helps their team to succeed and grow.

4. Learn how to build an effective team

One of the biggest privileges of working in a managerial role is that you’re often in a position to build up your own team. You can do this by investing in training for existing team members (after you’ve discussed training opportunities during personal development reviews) and recruiting new members who have the required skills, knowledge, career goals and attitude.

Part of building an effective team is also ensuring that you’re creating a work environment that fosters growth, encourages innovation, welcomes feedback and boosts employee morale. Doing so will help to retain the talent you’ve already acquired and attract new talent.

Every organisation needs competent Managers to ensure the business is profitable and successful.

5. Develop your decision-making skills

Managers often have to make tough decisions. But decision making is a process, just like anything else, and there are ways that you can improve your decision-making skills so that when you need to make the call you’re in a position to do so with confidence and authority.

6. Enhance your communication skills

Good leaders are always strong communicators and active listeners. A business and leadership course can teach you how to communicate with others clearly, how to present confidently, how to negotiate effectively and how to lead productive meetings.

7. Improve risk management

Risk management isn’t just about WHS, but also about protecting company resources and the company’s reputation.

There is always an element of risk in any business, and that’s why risk management training is so important for Managers. The bottom line is that effective risk management can save the company money and reduce the risk of employee injuries.

8. Make your resume stand out

Businesses recognise the importance of effective management and leadership skills. They wouldn’t be a very successful business if they didn’t. Employing an effective Manager is an all-round smart business decision, as it can lead to increased productivity within the team, innovative new ways of thinking, and improved team morale.

What jobs can a business leadership course lead to?

Looking to step up into a senior role in the future? No matter what kind of industry you’re in, businesses always need Managers who can get the job done and inspire the best in their team members. Whether your career path lies in marketing, logistics, IT, childcare or any other number of sectors, good Managers with the right skillsets are always in demand.

Here are some of the jobs you could potentially pursue after completing a business and leadership course:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Corporate Services Manager
  • Distribution Centre Manager
  • Information Services Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Production Manager

Where can I study a business and leadership course?

Looking to study business management and leadership online? We can help.

OC offers two online courses in business management and leadership: the BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management and the BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management.

As these courses are both offered online, you’ll have the flexibility and freedom to study whenever you want, wherever you are. Studying online is a particularly convenient option for those who are working full time and want to study to improve their career opportunities.

What are you waiting for? Take the next step forward in your career and enrol with OC today.

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