Why become a Nursing Assistant?

Post by Open Colleges on February 08th, 2019

Have you always dreamed of a career in healthcare but never managed to pursue that direction? Why not become a Nursing Assistant? It’s a role that requires less study commitment than a full Nurse, but ultimately offers the same rewarding level of job satisfaction.  

Nursing Assistants are at the frontline of day-to-day patient healthcare. You’ll help assist patients with their personal care needs and will also fulfil a vital function by performing observations which are then used by Nurses and Doctors. If you’re interested in healthcare because you want to help people, a position as a Nursing Assistant may be the perfect career for you. Here’s why…

You’ll make a real, direct difference to patients

Nursing Assistants are the people who are often at the forefront of care, helping patients with their everyday personal needs such as eating and bathing. This basic day-to-day care work is such a vital part of a patient’s life and will make an enormous impact to their wellbeing. Without Nursing Assistants to rely on, Nurses and Doctors would not have the time or capacity to look after a patient’s basic human needs.

There are fewer study requirements involved

If you’d like a job caring for others but don’t have the time to commit to long-term studies, becoming a Nursing Assistant may be perfect. A HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance can be done in less than 18 months and qualifies you to enter a career as a Nursing Assistant. To enter the course, you need to have completed year 10 or equivalent.

This lower barrier for entry makes a Nursing Assistant position ideal for someone who’d like to get involved in healthcare without the demanding education requirements offered by other medical professions.

It’s a growing, flexible industry

According to the Government’s Job Outlook tool, Nursing Support as an industry is growing. 12,800 positions are expected to open up each year until 2023, for a total of 64,000 new job openings. Work is available in most regions in Australia.

If part-time work appeals to you, studying to become a Nursing Assistant may be perfect. Less than half of workers in the sector work full-time – showcasing a high opportunity for part-time work that allows you more flexibility around your own life.

There are opportunities for advancement

If Nursing is your eventual goal becoming a Nursing Assistant can be a great first step. You can start by studying a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance and then progressing onto more advanced studies. Once you hold the certification, you can become a Nursing Assistant to gain practical experience before deciding whether you’d like to pursue a full Nursing qualification.

Whether you choose to pursue advanced studies, or just want to get involved in helping others, studying to become a Nursing Assistant means entering a rewarding profession that makes a real difference in the lives of others. To get started, visit our course page and learn about becoming a Nursing Assistant in an acute care environment.

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