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Post by Open Colleges on April 18th, 2017

At Open Colleges we understand that our students enjoy the freedom and control that online study offers, but we also know that everyone needs a bit of help sometimes. That’s why we offer a number of support services. The only thing you need to do, is ask.

Student Support

What is student support?

Student Support Officers will assist you with any questions or concerns you have about OpenSpace, enrolment, administration or finance.

You can speak to one of our friendly Student Support Officers over the phone by calling 1300 853 033 between 8.30am–10pm Monday to Friday, and 9am–5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Alternatively, you can email your questions to a Student Support Officer on

When you might need it?

Student Support Officers can help you learn to use OpenSpace where you access all of your course materials, chat to your Trainers and Assessors and get connected with other students.

They are also enrolment experts and can walk you through any questions or concerns that you may have.

Finally, our Student Support Officers can help you with any administration issues you are having, and can also assist you with any questions you have regarding course payments.

Academic Support

What is academic support?

Your academic support team is made up of your course Assessors, Trainers, Coordinators, Program Managers and other faculty members.

When you might need it?

The academic staff are always on hand to help you understand your course material. You can contact them by sending them a message via OpenSpace, or by phoning them directly.

Reach out to your Trainers when you are struggling to understand something in your studies or when you need a bit more information about a subject or an assignment.

Your academic support team’s job is to make sure you learn, and they want you to succeed. But they won’t realise that you are struggling unless you reach out.

So If you need help with your studies, don’t suffer in silence, reach out and send them a message.


Learning Support

What is learning support?

Learning Support Officers are trained to help you manage your studies. They’ll help you create a study plan, map out an individual study timetable, talk you through academic writing and referencing, and offer you a whole range of study tips. Find out more about what learning support can do for you here.

When you might need it?

You will first meet a Learning Support Officer during your online orientation. This 30 minute orientation is organised when you enrol and will familiarise you with OpenSpace, show you how to contact your trainers and where you can access your course materials and assessments.

After this orientation, you can contact a Learning Support Officer through OpenSpace or by phone.

Learning Support Officers are great for helping you get back on track when you have had a break from study, or when you are struggling to fit study into your schedule. They will help you to create a study plan and timetable that works for your lifestyle.

They are also handy if you are struggling with academic writing and referencing, as they can help you understand how to write essays and how to properly reference your work.

Peer Support – meet other students

What is peer support?

Studying online doesn’t mean you can’t make friends or chat to your classmates. In fact, at Open Colleges we encourage you to find a study buddy.

A study buddy is a person who is studying the same course as you, at roughly the same pace. To find a study buddy you simply add your name to a study buddy list when you enrol, and you will be paired up.

In addition to study buddies, you can also find a student forum for your course on OpenSpace. These forums allow students to chat, ask questions, answer questions and get advice from their peers.

When you might need it?

Both the study buddy program and OpenSpace student forums give you the chance to get involved in a student community.

They are great if you are wanting to talk to people who understand what you are going through, and may have similar questions and experiences.

In need of help? Reach out!

Open Colleges’ online learning puts you in charge of your own study. This means you get flexibility to fit learning into your lifestyle, and it means there is no one looking over your shoulder pressuring you with deadlines.

So, as the driver of your own learning you need to actively reach out when you’re struggling.

Open Colleges has lots of support available for its students, all you need to do is take the first step. Make a phone call or send a message via OpenSpace – we’re all here to help you and make sure you get the most out of your learning journey.

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