How to develop an exciting career in Photography

Post by Open Colleges on March 20th, 2022

Are you a creative person? Would you like to be your own boss? Or are you simply looking for a profitable side hustle? Flex your artistic skills today with a Photography course!  

At Open Colleges, we offer the popular and nationally recognised CUA41115 Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging course. You’ll learn all the technical, practical, and business skills you need to launch your career as a Photographer today. Plus – you’ll graduate from the course with a digital portfolio of work to present to prospective employers and clients!

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Is the CUA41115 Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging course all online?

The answer is yes! This course is delivered entirely online so you can fit your studying around your schedule. Study when it’s convenient for you, anytime, anywhere! At Open Colleges, you don’t have the pressure of having to rush to class because we don’t have timetables or deadlines. When you get your course content, just submit your assessments when you’re ready, and receive your grades through our online learning platform, OpenSpace. When you’re finished the course, you’ll graduate with a nationally recognised qualification. Too easy!

How long does this photography course take to complete?

The maximum duration for this course is 18 months. However, online learning is fully flexible so you can choose to complete your course quickly or keep to a steady pace. The choice is all yours.

What skills will I learn in this course?

The great thing about this Photography course is that it teaches you both creative and business skills. Learn all the fun stuff, including how to master colour management, lighting effects and develop advanced skills in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC. Plus - you’ll learn about invoicing, creating an ABN, business name and copyright.

You’ll also learn how to respond to a client’s brief, develop contracts, work out costing, and receive payment. Develop your own unique style while building a marketable portfolio of work to get you started in the industry.

(Please note - some prior knowledge of basic camera handling and image editing is desirable, as this is not covered in the course.)


What’s the employment outlook like for Photographers?

According to Australian Government Job Outlook, the number of people working as Photographers (in their main job) grew very strongly over the past 5 years and is expected to grow over the next 5 years from 13,600 in 2018 to 14,300 by 2023.

Don’t want to give up your day job? You don’t have to. This course is a great opportunity to develop a profitable side hustle. Are you bored on the weekends? Want to earn some extra cash? Learn all you need to start working in the industry. Swap up your boring weekend routine by photographing weddings, birthdays, events, you name it. Be among the festivities, take some fantastic photos, and get paid for it!

Why should I study the CUA41115 Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging course?

The great thing about this course, is that it unlocks many opportunities for revenue. Upon completion, you can work as a Freelance Photographer, Sole Trader, or even an Assistant Technician in Photo Production.

But perhaps you’re simply a photography enthusiast, and you don’t want to quit your day job. The truth is, you can still make a good amount of money if you start a photography side hustle. Take photos for clients, sell your photos in person, online or at a market stall, or sell your stock photos online to companies such as, iStock, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, BigStock, Etsy and many more.

A stock photo can be sold for anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars. You can earn upwards of $120 or more per image download on Shutterstock. On iStock, you can earn between 15-45% of any sales.


Want more great news? You can try trial this course for 7 days, no obligations and no payment details required. You’ll experience our world-class learning platform, get a feel for online study, and dip your toe into the wonderful world of Photography.

For more information, feel free to call or email our friendly enrolment consultants.  But do you know we also offer live chat?  

Plus, while you’re on the Open Colleges website, check out our blog: How to turn your side hustle into your own small business.

Spark your creativity and enrol with Open Colleges today. Everything could happen!

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