5 famous Australian interior designers that will inspire you

Post by Open Colleges on January 30th, 2020

Do you love designing new room layouts? Do you find yourself musing over different colour schemes? Do you veer towards the home section in stores so you can scour the shelves for new and unique pieces? Or do you spend hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, looking at endless interior design photos?

We find that a great way to get inspired and discover some of the latest interior trends is to look at the work of other talented designers. There are simply too many famous Australian interior designers as well as note-worthy emerging interior designers to list here. But we’ve pulled together a small selection for you to look at that we hope will inspire you.

1. Bates Smart

Bates Smart is one of the oldest design firms in Australia, offering architecture, interior design and urban design services. Starting in 1853, they’re still at the top of their game 167 years on, with studios in Melbourne and Sydney and many award-winning projects under their belts. They’ve transformed spaces across a range of different industries, including hospitality, healthcare, education and more.

To browse some of their fantastic work take a look at their @batessmart Instagram account.

2. Flack Studio

In comparison to Bates Smart, Flack Studio, which was founded by the extremely talented David Flack, is relatively new to the market, launching in 2014. That’s not to say though that it’s not a business to take seriously. They have an incredible team of designers and work across retail, hospitality and residential, amongst other industries. They have also won several awards for their recognisable style, where they make fantastic use of colour.

To see their style for yourself, it’s definitely worth taking a look at some of their impressive projects via their @flackstudio Instagram account.

3. Greg Natale Design

Greg Natale is a multi-award-winning designer who launched his Sydney based interior design business in 2001. Working in residential, commercial and retail spaces, Greg’s signature style is bold colours and patterns, yet his designs remain glamorous and sophisticated.

Greg has branched out into product design where he has various collaborations with brands, adding his unique style to rugs, wallpaper, tiles, furniture and more. His passion for design has also led to him authoring two books, titled ‘The Tailored Interior’ and ‘The Patterned Interior’.

View some of Greg Natale’s eye-catching projects via his @gregnatale Instagram account.

4. Hare + Klein

Hare + Klein are a well-known brand in the design world, having won many awards for their work. Started in 1989 by Meryl Hare, the business now has a fantastic team of designers who have worked on many amazing residential, commercial and renovation projects.

Meryl has even launched a book, co-written with David Clark, to share her passion for design. It’s titled ‘Hare + Klein: Texture Colour Comfort’. There’s also a 2nd book on its way, which is due for release later this year.

We love that the team at Hare + Klein seem to inject a real sense of warmth and sophisticated comfort into all their designs. Take a look at their @hareklein Instagram account to see for yourself.

5. Smart Design Studio

Smart Design Studio was founded by William Smart in 1997 and has grown into a team of 45 design specialists. They have worked in apartments and houses, the hospitality industry, retail spaces and more. Their quality designs have helped them win several awards,

Their finished projects tend to be very modern and sleek. Take a look at their @ smart.design.studio Instagram account to see some of their innovative projects.

Have these famous Australian interior designers inspired you to turn your love of design into a rich and rewarding career? Knowing which styles you love is important but you also need to learn the fundamental principles of interior design.

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