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Key Student Information

Key Student Information

This page provides important information about studying with Open Colleges, including links to the Student Handbook and various student forms.

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/ Key Student Information

The information on this page applies to Open Colleges students studying online only.

For students studying through Open Colleges School of Health at our campuses in WA or SA, information about the policies and procedures can be found here.


Key information for students

On this page you will find key information relating to your enrolment with Open Colleges (OC), when you are enrolled Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) courses delivered by OC, including those courses delivered by OC on behalf of Integrated Care & Management Training Pty Ltd (its sister RTO).

It covers details relating to:

  • Enrolment, including cancellation and refunds
  • Supporting you to succeed – key support procedures, including studying with a disability or specific learning requirements
  • Student and Academic Codes of Conduct
  • Student assessment and work placement
  • Completion of your studies
  • Managing student complaints
  • Privacy
  • Integrity at Open Colleges

Student handbook

In addition to the information below, the OC Student Handbook is your guide to studying with us and provides lots of great information and advice about how to get the most out of your learning experience.


Recruitment, Enrolment & Admissions Policy

This outlines our policy for recruiting, enrolling and admitting prospective students into OC’s courses, to enable the course to meet the student’s needs and goals for the future.

Payment Methods OC allows students to choose how they pay their course fees, from a range of options. This form details the payment methods available and any associated terms and conditions. You should read this form in conjunction with the Student Agreement.
Student Agreement Prior to commencing studies with OC each student is required to accept the terms of our Student Agreement.  This outlines the important terms and conditions of your enrolment with OC. This version is effective from 1st November 2021.
Schedule of Administrative Fees Some additional administrative services offered by OC or course costs which may apply only to some students incur additional fees. This document specifies all the additional administrative fees, which will be discussed with you during enrolment.
Debitsuccess Terms & Conditions When a student chooses to pay by payment plan, this is subject to the terms of our direct debit provider, Debitsuccess.  These terms are also on the Payment Methods form and are also sent to students on enrolment.
Cancellation & Refunds Policy This provides you with important information relating to your rights to cancel your enrolment.  This policy should be read in conjunction with the Student Agreement, and the rights of a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law.
Course Transfer Policy You can apply to transfer to another OC course in the first 3 months of your enrolment, and this sets out how OC manages requests to transfer courses.
Credit Transfer & Recognition of Prior Learning Policy This provides you with information how you can gain recognition towards your course at OC based on your prior studies or work experience.
Course Change Policy This outlines what happens if there are material changes to your course – either due to changes OC makes or if the government makes changes to the applicable training package.

Supporting you to succeed

OC is committed to supporting you to succeed in your studies. The following procedures outline the specific services available to you.

Student Support Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details.
Learning Support Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details.
Academic Support Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details.
Extension & Deferral Policy If you require additional time to complete your course, this sets out how you may extend or defer your studies.
Special Considerations Policy If you are experiencing circumstances out of your control e.g. serious illness, or personal trauma or hardship which is going in nature and which will prevent you from completing your course within the original course duration or meeting your existing financial obligations in the future, this set out how OC may be able to assist.

Student & Academic Codes of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct provides you with an outline of our expectations of students in terms of their academic work, engagement with others and use of OC’ resources throughout their studies with us.

The Academic Code of Conduct provides you with the standards of academic conduct when studying with OC. This defines what is considered to be plagiarism and cheating.

Student assessment and work placement

Access, Equity & Fairness Policy

We are committed to the fair and equitable treatment of our learners and prospective learners, and this outlines our approach.

Reasonable Adjustment Policy

We can adjust the learning and assessment approach for our courses, called Reasonable Adjustment, to meet the specific needs of learners. This provides you with the principles of our approach to learners with a disability or specific learning needs

Information for students with a disability or special needs

This provides information about Open Colleges’ responsibility to a student with a disability or special need and the responsibility of a student who has a disability or special need.

Work Placement Policy

In some OC courses parts of the learning and assessment occurs in an actual workplace.  This document sets out details around how Structured Workplace Learning (or SWL) works at OC

Managing Student Complaints

While we hope that you have a challenging and rewarding learning experience with Open Colleges, we understand that sometimes we do not get things right. In these cases, we have developed a complaints process to manage student complaints.

If you have an issue or concern, in the first instance you should contact our Student Support team to have this address and resolved promptly and informally.  They can escalate the issue or concern to the appropriate area for feedback and/ or resolution.

Where this is not successful, we have a formal complaint management process, and the Complaint and Appeal Policy provides you with information on the principles adopted by OC in the management of student complaints. 


During your studies, you may need to complete a range of forms. You can access these forms from the following links.


Your privacy is important to us. Please see our Privacy Policy details on how we collect, manage and use your personal information. It also contains important information on the data collection under NCVER.

Integrity at OC

Open Colleges strives to maintain high standards and responsible business conduct. If you suspect illegal, unethical or unsafe behaviour you can report these matters to us via email to

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