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Key Student Information

Key Student Information

This page provides important information about studying with Open Colleges, including links to the Student Handbook and various student forms.

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/ Key Student Information

Important Information for Students

On this page you will find:

Importantly, this information covers all courses delivered by Open Colleges, including those courses delivered by Open Colleges on behalf of partner institutions.


Admissions, student agreement and enrolment form

Student Recruitment Enrolment & Admissions Procedure

This outlines the process for recruiting, enrolling and admitting prospective students into courses that meet their needs and goals for the future.

Enrolment Form

This form collects key information to support your application for enrolment at Open Colleges. It can be completed by you and sent to Open Colleges. Alternatively, you can speak to an Enrolment Consultant or directly apply online.

Student Agreement 

Prior to commencing studies with Open Colleges each student accepts the terms of our Student Agreement. It outlines the important terms and conditions of your enrolment with Open Colleges. For students enrolled after 25 March 2020 please click here and for students enrolled prior to 25 March 2020 please click here.

Payment Methods

Open Colleges provides a range of ways for students to pay their course fees. This form details the payment methods available for paying your course fees and any associated terms and conditions. You should read this form in conjunction with the Student Agreement.

Schedule of Administrative Fees

Some additional administrative services offered by Open Colleges incur a surcharge. This document specifies all the additional administrative fees.

Cancellation and Refund Policy and Procedure

This policy and procedure provides you with important information relating to the cancellation of studies and includes definitions for Special Considerations.


Student handbook

The Open Colleges Student Handbook is your guide to studying at Open Colleges. The Student Handbook provides lots of great information and advice about how to get the most out of your learning experience with Open Colleges. The Student Handbook is available in OpenSpace - our virtual campus. You can also access a copy of the Student Handbook here


Supporting you to succeed

Open Colleges is committed to supporting you to succeed in your studies. The following procedures outline the specific services available to you. A summary of these services is also available in the Student Handbook.

Learning Policy

This policy outlines our approach to supporting effective learning by Open Colleges' students.

Glossary of Terms

This provides you with key definitions of terms used at Open Colleges.

Academic Support Procedures

This provides you with information on the provision of advice relating assessment and course queries.

Learning Support Procedures

This provides you with information on the induction and orientation processes as well as learning support resources and specific support services provided to students that are 'at risk' of non- progression.

Student Administrative Support Procedures

This provides you with information on the range of administrative support services available from Open Colleges throughout your studies.

Work Placement Support Procedure

This procedure provides you with information about the Work Placement Support services available to Open Colleges' students.

Student Issues Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to provide all students an option to have minor concerns and issues addressed and resolved quickly and informally as an alternative to the formal complaint management process.

Course Management and Continuous Improvement Policy

The purpose of this procedure is to provide all students an option to have minor concerns and issues addressed and resolved quickly and informally as an alternative to the formal complaint management process.

Course Transition Procedures

This procedure outlines the core steps and considerations to be applied in a course transition process.


Special Consideration

Open Colleges understands that some students may experience prolonged difficulties or disadvantage that may impact the ability to complete their course in relation to either medical, financial or personal difficulties. The Cancellation and Refund Policy and Procedure provides definitions for Special Consideration and the application procedures. You will find the Special Consideration Form in the Student Forms Section below.

Student assessment procedures

Assessment is an important element of your learning experience with Open Colleges. We aim to develop assessments as an integrated part of your course. The following procedures provide important information about how assessment is conducted at Open Colleges. You will find specific information regarding the assessments in your course from your Course Overview.

Academic Conduct

This provides you with the standards of academic conduct when studying with Open Colleges. This defines what is considered to be plagiarism and cheating.

Assessment Procedures

This provides you with information on assessment submission requirements, grading, feedback, re-submission and extensions. You can also access information about assessment appeals.

Workplace Assessment Procedures

This is relevant for those students undertaking a course with a Workplace Assessment or Structured Workplace Learning component. This provides you with information on the key elements of the Workplace Assessment. It includes a useful summary Student Guide to Workplace Assessment.

Recognition of Prior Learning Procedures

This provides you with information on the processes required to apply for recognition of your prior studies or work experience towards your current course with Open Colleges.

Student Code of Conduct

This provides you with an outline of our expectations of students in terms of their academic work, engagement with others and use of Open Colleges' resources throughout their studies with Open Colleges.

Assessment Records Procedures

This provides you with information about the provision of an Academic Transcript, Record of Assessment and Qualification to students.


Managing student complaints

While we hope that you have a challenging and rewarding learning experience with Open Colleges, we understand that sometimes we do not get things right. In these cases, we have developed a complaints policy to manage student complaints. This is outlined below.

Complaints Policy

This provides you with information on the principles adopted by Open Colleges in the management of student complaints. 

Resolution Institute Student Mediation Scheme

This link provides you with information relating to the Resolution Institute Student Mediation Scheme including the application for external review form and associated fees.


Studying with a disability or specific learning requirements

We are committed to ensuring equal opportunity for people with a disability or specific learning needs. We can adjust the learning and assessment approach for our courses, called Reasonable Adjustment, to meet the specific needs of learners. The following documents provide more information on Reasonable Adjustment:

Reasonable Adjustment Policy

This provides you with the principles of our approach to learners with a disability or specific learning needs

Information for Students with Disabilities and Special Needs 

This provides information about Open Colleges’ responsibility to a student with a disability or special need and the responsibility of a student who  has a disability or special need.



Student forms

During your studies, you may need to complete a range of forms. You can access these forms from the following links. These forms are also available in OpenSpace.

Protecting your privacy

Open Colleges operates in accordance with the Privacy Act (1988). This means that Open Colleges actively protects the personal information of all students. You can find out more about our Privacy Policy by clicking here and read our Collection Statement by clicking here.


Integrity at Open Colleges

Open Colleges strives to maintain high standards and responsible business conduct. If you suspect illegal, unethical or unsafe behaviour you can report this matters to us anonymously.
Phone: Australia Call Toll Free: 0011-80-2002-0033
Online: www.integritycounts.ca/org/OpenColleges.



Open Colleges Australia is an education development group specialising in online and distance learning vocational courses for adult learners. Open Colleges Australia owns Open Colleges Pty Ltd, Integrated Care and Management Training Pty Ltd and the College of Fashion Design Pty Ltd. Open Colleges Australia and its subsidiaries do not provide any university or school level courses, and are not in any way associated, affiliated or otherwise connected with Open Universities Australia, The Open University UK, or the South Australian or Queensland Open Access College.

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