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With Open Colleges you can study online to get the same quality of education you would on a college campus.

Find a course that fits

Whatever you’re thinking of studying, help is at hand to get you into the right course. Finding the ideal course for you will ensure you get a qualification that suits your life, experience and career goals.

Our team of dedicated Education Advisors have an expert understanding of their chosen course areas, and they want to ensure that you enrol into the course that's right for you. During your phone consultation, they’ll guide you through the process of finding a course that fits by:

1. Getting to know you

We’ll find out your situation, your specific goals and what you want to achieve through studying online.

2. Explaining your options

Once we understand your aims, we’ll clearly explain the course options that would suit you best and why they would work for you.

3. Matching you to the best course

From general interest to accredited industry recognised courses – we’ll match you up with the perfect course for you.

4. Breaking down what happens next

We’ll explain how it all works. You’ll find out all about our learning platform and the support services that are available to make getting started easy.

Learning that fits around you

When you study online with Open Colleges, your learning is designed to fit around your life – not the other way around. There are no set enrolment dates – you can enrol 365 days of the year, and start whenever you want.

Enrol 365 days

Study anytime

No due dates

Two easy options for enrolling in a course

Once you have talked with an Education Advisor, and you know what course you want to study, you’re ready to sign up! You’ll now need to enrol into your chosen course, and it couldn’t be easier – you have two options:

Option 1: Online

Simply click 'enrol now' on your chosen course page and follow the steps through our enrolment platform.


Option 2: Phone

Call up your Education Advisor and they’ll be able to talk you through the terms and conditions, and sign you up in a few minutes.

So, what happens once you're enrolled?

1. Confirmation

You’ll receive emails confirming your enrolment and your login details for our online learning platform, OpenSpace.

2. Getting started

You’ll then get an introduction to OpenSpace, details on how to get started and information about the kinds of support that are available. You can always give us a call if you're still unsure.

3. Welcome! 

You’re ready to go! Start learning straight away – you’ll receive notifications about setting up a study schedule and finding study resources to get the most out of your course.

A whole campus at your fingertips

Studying online doesn’t mean studying alone, we promise! It’s now time to log into our unique online learning platform, OpenSpace. Think of it as your online college campus – it has everything you need to succeed but is way more convenient! Let’s have a look at how it works…

See what studying online looks like

What can I do with OpenSpace?

OpenSpace is your online campus, you can do everything here – from accessing your learning materials and uploading assessments to getting help from your Trainers and Learning Support.

Is it difficult to use?

No – we’ve made sure OpenSpace is easy to use and completely intuitive, and through our consultation process, we will make sure you are capable to handle the demands of online study. When you first start using OpenSpace, you can familiarise yourself with the platform by watching a video tour or you can book an induction with our support team. If you ever do feel a little confused, you can call us to help you find your way.

Where can I use it?

Anywhere! As long as you’re online, you can access OpenSpace wherever you are. It’s designed to be used on any device – your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – so it’s perfect for fitting learning around your life and studying on the go.

Support to get you through your course

Just because you’ve chosen to study online doesn’t mean you’ll be left completely on your own. As you’re in control of your studies, it will take a whole load of self-discipline and there could be times when you struggle to stay motivated but there will always be somebody there to give you a helping hand.

In fact, when you enrol with Open Colleges, you join a whole community where you can get help with everything from managing your studies to specific questions about your course and staying motivated.

If you encounter a problem during your course, you can pick up the phone or log in to OpenSpace to contact our friendly Learning Support Team.

Your support network

Learning Support Team

Our friendly Support Officers are on hand to help you out with admin and how to get started, as well as essay planning, study tips and everything in-between. Give them a call or book an appointment through OpenSpace.


If you get stuck with an assessment or have a question related to the learning material, our Trainers are available to give you guidance and feedback. You can contact them by sending a message through OpenSpace. They try to respond to all queries as quickly as possible, so you’ll never be left wondering for long.

Other students

Got a question related to your course? You won’t be the only one. Log in to the student discussion board in OpenSpace to check in with other students studying the same course as you; ask questions, share your experience and find a study buddy to help you stay motivated throughout your studies.


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Boost your career confidence

Get the job-ready skills that will kick start your career through Open Colleges' workshops, work placements and conferences. You'll gain valuable on-the-job experience that will boost your professional knowledge and confidence in the workplace. It'll also look great on your resume when you start looking for employment in your chosen field.

Structured Workplace Learning

Check to see if your chosen course requires you to complete Structured Workplace Learning (also known as a work placement) by visiting the course page on the Open Colleges website. A placement involves completing a certain number of hours in a suitable workplace environment.

While it will be your responsibility to find an organisation to complete your work placement with, you'll find information and tips on how to secure a placement in OpenSpace. If you feel like you need more help after that, you can speak to one of our Work Placement Support Officers who can offer some extra assistance to get you into a suitable workplace.

Skills to succeed

Attending a skills workshop can help you hone your practical skills. It also gives you the chance to network with industry professionals and meet fellow students.

Open Colleges’ skills workshops

Open Colleges’ skills workshops and industry seminars give you the opportunity to put the theory you learn into practice and meet other students studying the same course as you. These workshops aren’t compulsory but they’re a great chance to meet new people, share your knowledge and gain some invaluable hands-on experience. They are facilitated by our expert Trainers and Assessors, and are held at multiple locations all around Australia.

Take a look at some workshops and seminars that we have run in the past…



Diploma of Counselling


Youth Work


Believe you can – change is possible

Although it may seem unbelievable at first, changing your life really is possible through online study. Whether you want to build on your existing expertise, change careers or follow a long-standing dream – Open Colleges can give you the accredited qualifications, industry-ready skills and support you need to get there. It's true!

Like many students before them, these guys have taken the leap, put in the hard work and are now looking forward to enjoying the benefits and building a new life full of possibilities.

Nigel - Education Support

Wanting to give back to his community, Nigel studied to make a difference to kids through the power of education.

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