If you are good at listening to people and want to make an impact in their lives, a career as a professional counsellor could be ideal for you.

Counsellors provide valuable assistance to those in emotional need when they have issues that they need to learn to overcome in their everyday lives. Stress sometimes occurs due to relationship issues, career problems, personal set backs or unexpected health complaints. Sometimes people elect to speak to a counsellor to give them direction, support and guidance.

By specialising in counselling, you will acquire a very particular set of skills. You will learn how to communicate effectively allowing you to establish and maintain relationships, resolve issues and find direction for clients through unbiased guidance and support. Learning the main counselling methodologies, you will be able to apply them in real-life scenarios and be equipped with all the necessary skills to get a very rewarding job as a Case Worker, a Counsellor or an Intake Counsellor.
Explore counselling course, learn powerful techniques to start making a real difference in peoples' lives.

Diploma of Counselling

The CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling will train you in the most current and effective counselling techniques and methods. Help clients to gain a clear understanding of their issues, explore different options for getting help and develop coping strategies.