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5 reasons to study Social Media Marketing courses in 2019

by Craig Boyle

Are your status updates a thing of beauty? Do you rack up the likes on your Instagram profile? Or are you interested in how brands communicate? If any of these things ring true, why not study social media marketing and enter a career in a rapidly developing industry…

Social Media Marketing is a rapidly developing career area, driven by the enormous growth of social media as an industry. It’s a great career with bright prospects, lots of creativity and the potential to be promoted and cross-trained within a wider marketing team.

As of this year, roughly 3.6 billion people around the world use some form of social media – making it an unmissable way for brands to communicate with customers. For that reason alone, those who study social media can expect to enter a career that’s in high (and growing) demand. Here are some of the best reasons to study Social Media Marketing in 2019…

Enjoy enormous opportunities

In Australia alone, social media is experiencing enormous growth. In 2018, 79% of Australian’s used social media, a 10-point rise from 2017. However, just 47% of small and 49% of medium businesses have a social media presence – which means there are more consumers than there are businesses, creating a fantastic potential for growth. Even larger, more prestigious businesses must grow their social presence – with just 60% active on social media. Many of the larger businesses who do have social accounts are also performing poorly, so need to recruit new talent to maximise their exposure to the huge potential audience offered by social media

To put this simply: smaller businesses must start rapidly adopting social to meet demand, which creates new demand for social media experts.

Enjoy a creative, non-linear career

Digital marketing teams are often the most creative and enjoyable in a workplace. If you work in social media, you’ll be tasked with coming up with unique content and ways to promote your business online – which allows you to work from your own initiative and explore your own ideas. This means every day is likely to be different, keeping you engaged and actively interested in your role.

Turn familiarity into real knowledge

Chances are, you already use social media yourself. This familiarity will enable you to quickly grasp the day-to-day duties of a social media manager. However, just knowing how to use social on a personal level is not enough. You’ll also have to have an understanding of growth, engagement and other marketing techniques.

Studying a social media course also doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll enter into it as a career. You could study simply to add social to your wider marketing skillset, or study in order to enhance your own small business social media strategy. Whatever you decide, turn that habit for browsing Facebook into something productive.

Salary expectations are attractive

As part of a digital marketing team, not only will you experience being in a growing industry with new job opportunities, but salaries can be attractive too. As social media grows in importance, roles will become more essential. In our how to become a social media professional guide, we found that digital marketers as a whole enjoy an average salary of $1346 weekly, compared to the all jobs average of $1260.

Once you are part of a marketing team, promotion opportunities to positions such as Head of Social or Head of Creative are also possible and will command an even higher salary.

Studying makes you more employable

Social media marketing was once so new that duties often fell to other members of a digital marketing team. In its infancy, social media was not worth creating a unique job role. But things have changed, and quickly – now, almost all businesses have a dedicated social media professional working for them.

Studying social media marketing specifically means you have unique, focused experience in that niche and can, therefore, stand out when compared to applicants with more generic digital marketing experience.




Ready to study?

If you’d like to move towards a career in social media, start studying the 10118NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing today.

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