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Career Pathways and Advice

Career Pathways and Advice

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Choosing the Right Career Path

Ready to explore all your career options? Investigating all your potential career pathways in Australia? Whether you're looking to upskill, follow your dreams or simply gain the skills and confidence to excel in an industry, Open Colleges has got you covered.

Keep reading to discover a comprehensive list of career paths, statistics, advice and recommended courses that will help you gain the expertise to succeed in your professional life.

Financial Professional

The employment market is positive for finance professionals, with salaries rising as organisations compete for the best performers to help strengthen their businesses. If you have the relevant qualifications, finance can be a solid and profitable career move.

Travel Agent

If travelling is your life’s desire, then there are careers that offer you the opportunity to assist other travellers in making the most of their holidays. Get to know new and exciting places, help find accommodation and flights and advise people on their sightseeing opportunities.


If you aspire to be happy, healthy and balanced, a career in nutrition can be a conduit to gaining knowledge that you can use personally, for your own interest, gaining employment in an established practice or starting your own business. Take your love of great nutrition and caring for the human body into a structured learning pathway that can provide you with a fulfilling and interesting career, or gain insights into fitness programs and subjects that you’ve always wanted to explore.

Allied Health Professional

The healthcare sector is an important influence towards promoting the well-being of the general population. There are many areas of speciality available at the certificate level, allowing you to study for a potentially stable and rewarding career in many different areas of interest.


Accountants have an above average proportion of full-time jobs across multiple industries. The mix of industries employing Accountants is very favourable for employment growth prospects. Employment for Accountants to 2016-17 is expected to grow strongly. Employment in this very large occupation rose slightly in the past five years and in the long-term.

Construction Manager

Integrate your knowledge of Building and Construction with project management - combining the project management training with the skills to plan, coordinate, execute and finalise the construction of medium rise buildings.

Real Estate Agent

Employment for Real Estate Agents in 2018-19 is forecasted to continue to grow strongly. The mix of Real Estate Agents in the industry has a healthy mix of young people, which indicates that this is a thriving and dynamic work environment. The most common form of certification for Real Estate Agents is a Certificate III/IV.

Project Manager

Project Management skills are transferable across many industries with limitless opportunities, where you can tackle diverse and complex business problems and situations. If you aspire to handle and manage large projects at a business level, there are many industries in which you can pursue a career.

Occupational Health and Safety Professional

Creating a safe work environment is critical to the success an efficient business, and is one of the best ways to retain staff and maximise productivity. Business owners have responsibilities regarding health and safety in the workplace and many companies are now enlisting the help of occupational health and safety (OHS) professionals.

Restaurant Manager

Looking to become a Restaurant Manager? Perhaps you wish to learn how to manage your own restaurant. Before taking the first step on the pathway towards a fulfilling career, here are the latest employment statistics for Restaurant Managers in 2016. 


Everyone has problems that they need to learn to overcome in their everyday lives. Counsellors provide a valuable assistance to those in emotional need. When stress occurs in life due to relationship issues, career problems, personal setbacks or unexpected health complaints, people often elect to speak to a counsellor to give them direction, support and guidance.

Fitness Trainer

Positive outlooks for potential trainers is that the fitness and personal training industries are booming, and the industry is riding a wave of popularity. The fitness and natural therapies industries continue to grow in Australia, with greater numbers of people turning to various methods of keeping their bodies healthy.

Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary Nurses have the ability to make a positive impact in an animal's life. If you are looking for a career in veterinary nursing, Open Colleges has a range of courses to equip you with the skills to take your career to the next level.


Employment for Zookeepers to November 2019 is expected to remain relatively stable. Daily activities for Zookeepers are never monotonous - there is always something unique and interesting that pops up in their work. As expected, the Zookeeping industry has a strong appeal to young to middle-aged people, making it a dynamic and vibrant work environment. 

IT Professional

Demand for IT graduates is escalating, while professionals in the IT industry are concerned with a shortage of talent. Discover more about digital environments and software architecture while you hone your problem solving and communication skills.


A Journalist is a person who is professionally trained in the practice of investigating and reporting events, issues and trends to various audiences in formats such as print, broadcast and online media including newspapers, magazines and books, radio and television stations and networks, and blogs and social and mobile media.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants have a wide and varied set of skills and responsibilities which are often applied in a very structured work pattern, with many tasks occurring on a regular basis. As an Administrator, you must be efficient, organised, and have the ability to make things run smoothly for the rest of the office team.

Business Professional

Discover how to create business plans, develop and implement business strategies and how to manage and inspire your team. You’ll also gain the skills to make effective marketing, finance and procedural plans and to see them through to the final stages.

Event Manager

Characterised by having strong organisational and communication skills, an event manager needs to be able to think outside the box and solve problems in seconds. The employment forecast for Event Managers is positive, expecting to grow very strongly.

Business Analyst

Learn fundamental and advanced business concepts and gain industry relevant qualifications that suit your pathway and career goals. We have partnered with several reputable and established industry associations to ensure our students learn from the best minds in the sector.

Beauty Professional

The beauty industry can be a great place for the self-starting business entrepreneur and with the right study and training behind you – you can be a success in any one of many exciting areas of beauty therapy.

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designers use their knowledge of style, timing, cut, texture, fabric and current trends to create items for a commercial marketplace, in clothing, accessories, footwear or textiles. The fashion industry in Australia is comparatively small when compared to international markets but it’s booming and going from strength to strength, particularly for emerging designers.

Practice Manager

With the sector showing an impressive job growth of 17.5% in the last years alone, there has never been a better time to get qualified as a practice manager. Practice managers ensure the clinic is running as efficiently as possible whilst adhering to strict industry guidelines. Click here to find more employment trends for Practice Managers. 

Dental Assistant

Not to be mistaken as dental hygienists, Dental Assistants specialising performing different clinical tasks - such as the sterilisation and preparation of equipment and assurance patients are comfortable during operation. Employment for Dental Assistants to November 2019 is expected to grow strongly.

Interior Designer

Interior Design is a vital part of making modern environments creatively and visually exciting, as well as safe and livable. A good Interior Designer uses their artistic side to structure creative, imaginative and artistic spaces.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is an area where many creative people find their niche in the modern career landscape. Graphic Designers may use a combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce the final creative result, to convey a specific message.

Childcare Worker

Throughout Australia, hundreds of childcare centres are advertising for qualified workers, and by 2014, every childcare worker in Australia must have, at a minimum, a Certificate III qualification. There has never been a better time in Australia to study childcare and gain your formal qualifications.

Teacher's Aide

Teacher Aides help and assist teachers in the classroom and give extra attention to students to support them with their learning and development. Teacher Aides work in a range of classroom contexts, including public and independent schools and community education settings.


Discover how to design and develop training programs while gaining skills in planning and undertaking group-based learning. Employment for Vocational Education Teachers to 2016-17 is expected to grow moderately. Learn more about the minimum requirement if you wish to work as a Trainer and Assessor in any TAFE, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or associated business.


The creative sector – which encompasses advertising and marketing, architecture, design and visual arts (including photography), music and performing arts, software and digital content – is one of the fastest-growing segments of the national economy.

Marketing Manager

Marketing communications encompass knowledge and expertise in advertising, direct marketing, your online digital presence to name a few. If you are looking to begin your career in a discipline that has begun the transition to digital, Open Colleges can provide the pathway you need.

Web Designer

Web Designers work with the structure, planning, updating and creation of websites. A good Web Designer also has knowledge about the website structuring, the information architecture and the user interface. Other areas of web design include navigation ergonomics, website layout, colours, contrasts, fonts and imagery (photography) as well as icons design.

Aged Care Worker

Aged Care provides the framework for a sound and stable future career. Working with older Australians can be a rewarding and positive employment path, and as the population continues to age, there are a growing number of real career opportunities for people who have the talent, professional background and skills to provide positive assistance to older persons who may need additional support.

Human Resources

A career in Human Resources can allow you to be at the forefront of a company or business, as an organisation is only as good as the people that work there. Businesses are becoming more aware of the need to attract and retain the best people for their workforce, so a career in HR brings with it multiple opportunities for variety and career progression.


Electricians work across many sectors, servicing industrial and commercial clients or working as domestic tradespeople.  Electricians might find themselves doing anything from designing, assembling, installing and testing systems to commissioning, diagnosing, maintaining and repairing electrical networks. 

Enrolled Nurse

Enrolled nurses provide care to patients, respond to emergencies, support patients and families and work with doctors and other medical professionals. In Australia, there are a variety of ways to become an enrolled nurse, with many career progression options. 


Being a farmer is a lifestyle as much as it is a job, and it can be one of the most satisfying career choices for both men and women. The day-to-day activities of a farmer may include looking after livestock, tending to crops, and purchasing and managing stocks. 


Working as a Mechanic is an exciting and varied career. Mechanic jobs are usually available all over the country, both in regional and city areas. If you're just beginning your automotive career, the first things you should learn are skills to inspect and perform basic repairs on the mechanical and electrical components of light and heavy vehicles, outdoor power equipment, bicycles, marine crafts and motorcycles.

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