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Social media marketing mistakes to avoid

by Chloe Baird

Social media marketing can be a powerful tool. When it’s done well, social media marketing enables you to connect with customers directly, grow your audience, and increase sales. Whether you’re a Small Business Owner or a professional Marketer, you need to know the ins and outs of social media  

But there are mistakes you need to watch out for. Otherwise, you could see your follower count dropping fast, or your posts being reshared for all the wrong reasons.  

Want to know what some of the most common social media marketing mistakes are that you should avoid?

1. DON’T launch a campaign without a social media marketing strategy 

Launching a campaign without having a social media marketing strategy is one of the biggest errors people make. It’s like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Or trying to jump out of a plane without a plane.  

If you start posting without any goal, intent, or cohesive strategy, you’re going to get nowhere fast.  

A solid, well-planned social media strategy is not something you can ever underestimate, whether you’re a professional Marketer or a Small Business Owner. A social media marketing strategy will help give you focus and direction, so you can make sure your posts are targeting the right people and hitting all the right goals.  

Social media can be a tricky place to navigate. Make sure you understand what not to do when using social media and you’ll do just fine.

2. DON’T go in without knowing your target audience  

Understanding your target audience is just as important as creating your social media marketing strategy. If you don’t know who your target audience is, then… who are you selling to? 

Want to know how you can zone in on your target audience? Read our blog here: How to find and define your social media target audience.  

3. DON’T feed the trolls

Internet trolls are nasty, annoying, disruptive and they can harm your business. Their sole goal is to humiliate and aggravate. But if you find your social media being trolled, there are a couple of ways you can deal with these keyboard warriors. You can:  
1. ignore them; 
2. respond with facts;  
3. respond with humour; or 
4. simply ban them. 
But whatever you do, don’t be baited and don’t give them more fuel for their trollish fires. 

4. DON’T confuse upset customers with trolls

Sometimes, you’ll get a disgruntled customer who leaves comments on your social media posts about their bad experience. Don’t get them confused with trolls! A troll’s goal is simply to aggravate and upset people. But a disgruntled customer just wants to be heard because they feel as if they haven’t been treated well.  

Whatever you do, do NOT delete disgruntled customers’ comments if they’re public. And do NOT go on the defensive and respond to their comments with vitriol or disdain. This will only make the situation worse. Instead, respond to them in a timely, respectful fashion, address their concerns, and see if they want to continue the conversation elsewhere (such as via phone or email) instead of in a public space like your Instagram comments section. This is one way you can turn an upset customer into a happy, return customer.

5. DON’T neglect your engaged followers

In the same way that you should respectfully engage with upset customers who have not had a good experience, you should remember to engage with your happy, loyal customers. If someone tags you in a post, leaves a positive review, or shares your post, remember to thank them.

Do you know the dos and don’ts of social media?

6. DON’T spam your followers

You’ve just started following a new account because you like their products/services/photos/stories/etc. But now your feed is jam-packed with posts that don’t have much to do with the reason you followed the account in the first place, and you feel like they’re just after your money. So you unfollow the account and forget about them in a few days.  

You definitely don’t want your own audience to feel this way. So when posting, remember not to post too often, or without adding any real value to your customers.

7. DON’T post inconsistently (or not at all)

In the same vein, always remember to post on time. Keep up a steady stream of valuable, interesting content for your audience. If you disappear for weeks on end without an explanation, people will forget you exist.

8. DON’T post content that hasn’t been proof-checked

Its pretty annoying when you read a post that hasnt been propellor proof checked, isn’t it? Mispelled words, uncorrect grammar, bizarre autocorrects and rogue punctuation can all detract from your post,, and damage your reputation. People will zone in on these mistakes and focuss on them instead of the information your trying to share. Similarly, don’t post content that is off-brand and doesn’t fit in with your brand’s messaging. 

9. DON’T buy likes or followers

We’ve always stood by this one. Buying likes and followers is an expensive way to gain a short-term boost in popularity and nothing more. Also, fake followers don’t repost or buy your products. You’re much better off investing in ways to attract real, loyal, paying customers.

The things you SHOULD be doing when it comes to Social media marketing

Now that you know what mistakes not to make when using social media, it’s time to focus on the things you should be doing!  

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