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5 Things You Need To Know About Upskilling

by Rebecca Jee
Posted: November 10, 2021

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**This is an updated post**

Are you planning to stay in your current job for the rest of your life? Probably not. What's going to help you move forward in your career? Upskilling.

We all learn new things every day in our jobs, but there is a difference between just picking up experience and actively pursuing new skills, information and qualifications. The most successful people know that to achieve their career goals it’s important to be proactive and expand their skills. 

Whether it’s working on your current skill set, exploring a new area of expertise or embarking on a whole new career, upskilling plays a vital role in giving your career momentum.

Here's 5 things you need to know about upskilling.

1. You’ll increase your value

Increase your value

The world is continuously evolving and you need to keep up with it. The experience you’re gaining at your current job is important, but you want to make sure that you’re not relying on training you may have done several years ago. Future-proof your career by upskilling so that when it comes time to make the move to your next job, you're a step ahead of the competition.

2. You’ll keep up with industry demands and trends 

teamwork - latest technology

Sometimes an upskill is as simple as keeping abreast of the latest tech being used in your workplace, or it could mean doing extra study to gain a qualification or open up a new area for you. Read any magazines, blogs or journals aimed at your industry and stay up to date with the latest innovations and news. If your employer offers any extra training, take it – especially if your employer is paying! 

3. You’ll increase your salary bargaining power

5 things you need to know about upskilling

Whether you’ve arrived at the negotiation stage of a prospective new job or it's time for your salary review at your current one, you need to show what new and unique skills you're bringing to the table.

With additional new skills under your belt, this is your platform to explain them and emphasise your increased market value. If it’s your current role, show your boss that you’re worthy of a raise by outlining the extra training and learning you have been doing and highlighting how you’re looking to grow.

This shows you’re investing in both yourself and your organisation; you have added value to your role since your last review, which makes a great case for an increase in salary.

4. You’ll get a promotion-worthy edge

Best person for the job - promotion - upskilled

An upskill can take you to the next level of your career. If you’ve got a promotion in your sights, higher level skills and qualifications may be a prerequisite to moving up. Any upskilling you do will definitely give you an edge over the competition.

5. You could embark on a profitable career change

Career change - new job

Maybe you’ve decided you want to change careers altogether? When they’re hiring, employers almost always look for people with relevant training, so it’s likely that you will have to do some form of upskilling if you change careers. While you may be itching to start in your new career, taking the time to upskill will prepare you for that shift and make sure you’re confidently starting your new career on a firm foundation.

Wondering if you should go for it and change careers? Make the most informed decision and check out  the nationally accredited online courses that will add value to your career journey. 


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