Course Description

The Certificate II in Construction Pathways gives you a great overview of the industry. You will learn a variety of skills which will give you an idea of what you really enjoy doing, and what type of apprenticeship you may want to pursue.

The course will teach you:

  • The basics of carpentry, joinery and levelling
  • Essential Work Health and Safety policies and practices involved in construction
  • The basic use of construction tools and materials
  • How to work with measurements, calculations and other maths-based methods
  • Basic English literacy principals. This will help you to understand and interpret written instructions, manuals and safety documents.

The course grants you access to the learning tool Trade Hub. Perfect for people who do not have much experience with mathematics or English, Trade Hub will help you to understand the key concepts in construction (area, volume, percentages, fractions, ratios, instructions, manuals and safety documents).

The course has been built around a simulated construction project. What this means is that you can practice and apply what you are learning to the simulated project.

Open Colleges has partnered with ICMT to offer the Certificate II, so you not only get a high quality education, but a nationally recognised qualification that you can use all across Australia.


Potential career outcomes

  • Apply for an apprenticeship
  • Gain work as a casual labourer