Why is now a good time to become a Cybersecurity professional?

Post by Open Colleges on May 04th, 2020

There’s never been a better time to join the Cybersecurity industry.

Are you the kind of person who relishes a good challenge and loves problem solving? Do you have a naturally curious nature and enjoy putting your critical thinking skills to good use? Are you interested in new technology and how we use it in our everyday lives?

A job as a frontline Cybersecurity analyst might be perfect for you.

What is Cybersecurity?

In the last 100 years, technology has evolved at an incredibly rapid pace.

However, as we begin to rely on technology more and more in our everyday lives, this opens us up to possible cyber-threats – namely, from cybercriminals looking to access or destroy important data for their own gain.

This could involve malware such as trojan programs that infiltrate a device or system; ransomware that denies access to your system until a specified amount of money is paid; viruses which can infect and corrupt software; or other forms of malicious software.

The role of cybersecurity is to protect systems, networks, programs and individual devices from these cyber-attacks.

Why is Cybersecurity important?

The need for a strong and resilient network is now more important than ever, with many organisations and individuals choosing to store their data online, rather than in a hard-copy format.

While more convenient and more environmentally friendly than holding on to stacks of hard-copy files, this does open organisations up to potential cyber-attacks.

As more businesses realise the necessity of enforcing tough security policies, the need for qualified cybersecurity professionals has spiked. And there is no sign of demand slowing down, with the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network predicting Australia’s Cybersecurity industry to be worth around $6 billion by 2026

Top five reasons to begin a career in Cybersecurity

There are plenty of great reasons to join the rapidly expanding technology industry right now. Here’s our top five.

  1. It offers job security

The Cybersecurity industry currently boasts a 0% unemployment rate

As demand continues to increase, businesses are on the lookout for trained Cybersecurity professionals. Despite the need for qualified specialists, there is a widening skill gap in Australia and around the world.

  1. This is a global industry

Cybersecurity is a worldwide industry, and having the right skills and training will allow you to apply for roles around Australia. It could also open doors for you overseas.

  1. There is room to progress in your career

As the industry continues to grow and evolve, so too can your career path. Starting out as a frontline Cybersecurity Analyst in this industry could take you on a number of different career paths, depending on your focus and skillset.

  1. You could earn an above-average salary

As your experience increases, so too will your earning opportunities. According to the Australian government’s job outlook website, Cybersecurity Professionals can stand to earn around $1932 per week.³ This is a higher rate than the national average

  1. Every day is different

The technology landscape is constantly changing and evolving, and cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to outsmart security protocols for their own gain. As a Cybersecurity Analyst, your role will involve working with a different systems and varying types of technology to ensure that it remains protected against cyber-threats.

How to get a job working in Cybersecurity?

If you’re looking to start a career in Cybersecurity, you need some IT experience first.

The best way to do this is by studying a qualification.

Open Colleges has recently partnered with AIICT (Australian Institute of ICT) to bring you the Certified Cybersecurity Professional course

This interactive online course will provide you with the training you need to begin a frontline role as a Cybersecurity Analyst. As it’s been developed by AIICT in consultation with industry experts, this online Cybersecurity course focuses on providing you the skills and knowledge employees want; including foundational IT skills, how to identify different types of malware, and how to configure a resilient network.

Are you ready to start a career in Cybersecurity?

Enrol in our partnership Certified Security Professional course and gain the qualifications you need to begin an exciting career in Cybersecurity.

While this is an online Cybersecurity course, there are set start dates. This is because you will be studying alongside a cohort of other students. You can track your progress compared to your cohort, and discuss ideas and challenges with them as you progress through the course.

Make sure you don’t miss out on our next intake date!


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