10 reasons to start a career in animal care

Post by Open Colleges on June 3rd, 2016

Most people would agree that a job where you get to hang out with dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and other assorted fur balls all day would be pretty much perfect.

But for those that need a bit more convincing, we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why a career working in animal care may just be the best job pathway in the world!

1. You can spend all your days with furry and feathery friends

Let’s face it, animals really are the best thing ever. They have so much personality and so much love to give.

You can dress any way you want, have bed hair, talk a lot, or not at all, make bad jokes, or sing off key. They’re not going to judge you, they’re going to take you as you are.

From big sooky Great Dane dogs, to princess-like Persian cats, boisterous budgies and cuddly rabbits, there’s no doubting that each animal has its own individual personality. Getting to know them is not only fun, but it’s a little like hanging out with a best friend, all day, every day.

So really, what could be better than being able to spend your days keeping company, caring for and playing with these amazing creatures? Nothing!

2. You’ll wave goodbye to the 3pm blues

It’s 3pm, you’re sitting at your desk feeling the slump approach as you stare at the computer screen. You’re wondering what you will do for dinner, and weighing up whether eating a second lunch is really such a bad idea.

We’ve all been there.

Working with animals frees you from office life. More than likely at 3p.m. you will be knee deep in puppies playing in a dog park, or taking a stately old labrador named Brutus for a walk.

Instead of finding excuses to go to the office kitchen for a cup of tea, you could be cuddling a cat, or watching the graceful movement of fish in water, grooming a lively husky, or be dishing out advice on the best diet to treat a pudgy basset hound. The possibilities are endless!

3. You can become a bark-ologist

Ever wondered what was going on behind an animal’s behaviour? What that tone of bark meant? Why a cat hisses or strikes out?

Just like Dr Doolittle, as a animal care worker, you’ll learn to speak the language of animals. You learn what their behaviour means and what their signals are. Basically, you become a bark-ologist! How cool is that!

4. You can be your own boss

There are so many career paths you can take as an animal care worker. You can work in a pet store, aquarium, in a kennel or cattery, in a vet clinic, or a grooming salon; or you can start your very own business as a dog walker, groomer, pet sitter, or dog trainer.

When you work for yourself, you set the rules. You decide where you work, when you work, what you do and what clients you want to take on. How’s that for carving your own path!

5. You can speak with authority on all things animal

If you are obsessed with animals, it’s likely you have been dolling out endless advice about pets to family, friends, co-workers and strangers on the street.

But, with the knowledge and training you get from formal study, people are more likely to listen to what you have to say!

Also, gaining a better understanding of the animals you plan to work with will make starting a career in this rewarding industry so much easier.

6. You’ll have the best behaved dog in the park

No longer will you be the person in the pet park apologising to other pet owners for a ball theft, or a rampant slobber, or your dog’s general disobedience!

Nope, not you. You will be the smug pup owner whose beloved dog behaves themselves, is gentle with others and is glowing with joy and a fabulously groomed coat.

7. You’ll be able to groom to perfection

Speaking of grooming, you will have the skills to whip a poodle into shape, tame a spaniel’s unruly curls, and snip, cut and shave coats to perfection.

As an added bonus, long toenails and ear cleaning will never be a mystery again, and you will discover the simple art of keeping pups, cats, rabbits and rodents in tip top condition. Basically, you will be the grooming whisperer.

8. You can hang out with other cat ladies

You love animals. All you do is talk about animals. You’ve been known to spend lots of time Googling images of cute animals. Your Facebook page is basically a shrine to all things animal. And secretly you think that maybe you will turn into a cat lady.

When you work with animals, you tend to find a lot of like-minded people working alongside you. Those that got into animal care because they really, really love animals. Their FB feeds are just as full of hedgehogs eating mini-pumpkins as yours are. Finally you have found your people!

You can talk endlessly about the relative training methods of pugs with people who are actually interested, you can chat to people who really care about the things that you do. There’s common ground, and who knows, you could even start a cat lady clan!

9. You’ll build an understanding what goes on under all the fur and feathers

Having a working knowledge of how to spot signs of illness and injury in animals, you will be perfectly placed to help get get your furry friends help, and care for them in recovery.

Imagine being able to make a real difference to the quality of life of yours and others’ beloved pets or the joy of being able to help an animal that can’t speak up when it is in pain!

10. You’ll get fit while hanging out with four legged pals

Dog walking is one sure way to get fit, and instead of joining a gym where you pay for the privilege of walking on a machine, you get the joy of walking outside with a furry pal who is absolutely delighted to be out and about, and you get paid for it!

Imagine how fit you would be if you dog-walked from 9am to 5pm! Better than sitting in an office all day, or standing behind a counter. Hello health benefits!

What are you waiting for?

As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic reasons to work in animal care. That’s not to say that every day will be a picnic. Caring for furry and fluffy ones can be hard. There will be physical work, sometimes you will be outside, and your days may include early starts and late finishes.

But the rewards of the job far outweigh the difficulties, and ultimately you are able to make an immediate and positive change in the lives of living creatures. So, if you’re passionate about animals, want to carve your own path and enjoy helping critters live happy, healthy and well-groomed lives, then it may just be the purrrfect career for you!

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