How to Increase Productivity

Productivity can be used as a tool to enhance success in your career and life. But what is productivity? It’s an average measure of the efficiency of something you do, for example the time you take to achieve a task. Experts say that productivity is a crucial factor in the performance of people and organisations – but could technology be something that improves your productivity?

Let’s see how you might be able to move towards your goals more efficiently by becoming more productive with these useful apps and gadgets for work, at home and while studying.

Best productivity apps & tools

How technology can help increase your productivity

Technology is now a part of our everyday lives, from work, to study to our home life. But a mere two decades ago, many people thought of technology as a distraction. However, these days numerous studies are proving that technology is an effective tool that we can harness to help us achieve our goals.

According to a survey by CompTIA, 78% of trainers and assessors believe that technology has positively impacted the productivity of the people they teach, and 65% believe that increased reliance on technology has made people more productive than they were just three years ago.
At work, technology has a positive impact on workplace productivity, with a report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research showing that office workforce productivity has increased by 84% over the last four decades thanks to technology. Productivity is expected to rise by another 22% in the next seven years as technology continues to give businesses and employees more flexibility.

Another study into the impact of wearable technologies in the workplace found that these new devices can increase both productivity and job satisfaction.
Of course, technology like Google Glass is still a long way off for most of us, but there are already plenty of tech tools, gadgets and apps available to help us work more efficiently. Here are just some that we’ve found.