Andrew Loader

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Andrew Loader

“Interior Design is a highly rewarding career, fascinating and ever changing.”

Andrew Loader Design is a Darlinghurst, Sydney based interior design studio. Opened in late 2009, the studio specialises in residential and boutique commercial projects.

During a long career in the world of luxury hotels, Managing Director Andrew Loader spent many years living and working internationally in diverse countries and cultures and brings to his designs the many inspirations taken from these experiences.

Specialising in classic and timeless schemes, the studio has completed projects across Australia and overseas locations including Thailand, New Zealand and the South West region of France.

1 What did you study and how has your career path evolved?

I initially studied hotel management, which led to an international career in luxury hotels in the areas of operations, marketing, sales and design. I returned from overseas in late 2009 and launched my own design studio with the vision to bring elements of the world of luxury hotels into the homes of my clients.

2 What are the latest trends in new technologies for interior designers?

We’re especially excited right now about animating our designs to create an experience in human movement and interaction within the spaces that we have created. We’re able to offer our clients a real sense of being ‘inside' the rooms that we’ve designed.

3 Apart from homes, what else do you work on?

We specialise in boutique commercial design and residential homes and apartments.

4 What is it like working in Australia compared to on overseas projects? What's unique about Australia?

I always think that Australia is characterised by our climate and lifestyle, both having a significant impact on how we design our homes. I have been fascinated by the unique nature of every country that I’ve lived and worked in and I take my design inspiration from all of these experiences to create designs that are both original and international while at the same time being suited to our Australian way of life.

5 What advice would you offer students looking to get into the interior design industry?

Be sure to do your research. interior design is a highly rewarding career, fascinating and ever changing. However there is so much more to being an interior designer than exceptional creative ability, and I think it’s very important to know what this means when considering an interior design career. The job requires a wide skill set, not least of which are exceptional listening ability, communication, salesmanship and organisational skills. The very best design will never leave the paper it has been created upon if it does not meet the client brief or cannot be successfully pitched. Similarly, exceptional communication, not only with the client but with all of the stakeholders involved in delivering a project is essential to a successful project and the design truly coming to life.

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