Choosing Your Interior Design Career Paths

Post by Open Colleges on January 24th, 2020

Are you looking to kickstart your career in interior design? Working in the interior design sector can be extremely rewarding, and the career opportunities are plentiful. As an interior designer you’ll use your creativity to beautify interior spaces while also ensuring their safety and functionality.

Want to know more? Read on to find out what you can expect from a career in interior design, as well as the most important qualifications you’ll need to work in the design industry.

What interior design career opportunities are there?

Interior designers may work for design firms, but many also work for themselves. Most interior designers will end up specialising in a specific area, such as private homes, hotels, restaurants and retail stores, or even banks, schools and hospitals.

At times, interior designers may also work together with architects to plan and design the structure of a new building or the remodelling of an old one. Interior designers take their clients’ budget and tastes into consideration when drawing up plans, suggesting colour schemes, light fixtures, finishes, window treatments or accessories to enhance a space.

Depending on the job and the clients’ needs, they may be able to offer advice on matters such as the placement of windows, doors and built-in units, as well as the traffic patterns of a space.

Is there a high demand for interior designers?

Interior designers are in demand throughout Australia, particularly in urban and residential areas  such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. According to PayScale, interior designers in Australia can expect to earn anywhere from AU$42,000 to AU$74,000 per year, depending on their skills and education as well as how much experience they have.

Research also shows that the growth rate among interior designers and architects in Australia is on the rise, which indicates that businesses are prepared to pay more for quality design services. In general, interior designers working in larger metropolitan areas can expect to earn more than those working in smaller cities or rural areas.

What are some jobs related to interior design?

Qualified interior design professionals can work in a number of different areas, and decorating indoor spaces and ensuring their functionality is just one aspect of this profession. So what interior design career opportunities are there?

Some of the jobs that are related to interior design include interior design consultants, home stagers, set directors and production designers, and even interiors journalists. Some other jobs where a degree or diploma in interior design can be of benefit include retail assistant, furniture design, graphic design, product design, and textile design.

What are the qualifications to be an interior designer?

If you’re interested in interior design, you can start with a course that covers interior design basics and then move on to a Certificate IV in Interior Decoration or a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration.

Gaining relevant work experience is also extremely important, as it shows employers and prospective clients that you know how to apply your knowledge in a professional setting. With this in mind, if you’re hoping to branch out as a freelance or self-employed interior designer, it’s a good idea to spend some time building up a strong portfolio that demonstrates your abilities.

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