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How do you learn nail technology online? With an Open Colleges Young Nails group workshop!

by Yvette Maurice

Every now and then, Open Colleges holds pop-up events for its students. As all Open Colleges courses are online, these can be a great way for students to get together and share their experiences with study.

Two examples of events were the pop-up Photowalk with John Hollingshead or the Fashion Exposed event. The Photowalk events were held in both Sydney and Perth. Earlier in the same year, the faculty of health and wellness held an event for students of nail technology.

Cath Lavery was an Open Colleges trainer and has worked in the beauty industry for many years as the owner and manager of Uluvu Beauty Salon.

She has extensive experience in providing treatments such as waxing, makeup application, body and facial treatments, manicures, pedicures and spray tanning. She recently joined Nicki from Young Nails for an event where students got together to practise their new skills.


“What a fantastic day!” Cath was obviously very enthusiastic about the event.

“This group of lovely girls made the workshop so wonderful,” she says. “It’s great to see so much enthusiasm and it gives me confidence that Open Colleges is producing passionate professionals within the beauty industry.”

Young Nails is a distributor of excellent nail technology products. The company also runs educational demonstrations and displays, which makes them a valuable partner for Open Colleges. Nicki is one of the trainers from Young Nails who helped out at this recent Open Colleges nail workshop event.

This artist has been in the business for 15 years and has owned and operated salons in various parts of Australia. “I’ve run the gamut of where you can go with nails!” she says.

Nicki is enthusiastic about the opportunities that studying beauty therapy, retail makeup or nail technology can take people. “It’s allowed me to work not just within Australia, but at international trade shows,” she explains.


The trainer mentions that her favourite styles are “combination nails”, high-end nail art and stilettos “like you see on the celebrities,” she says. These are the pointy-ended nails that are cutting edge, combining acrylic and gel methods of application for a polished, professional look.

Cath goes on to mention that the event would not have been a success without the participation of Open Colleges’ students.

“I would like to thank all the students that attended the workshop today,” she says. “For all the girls who came, I would like to tell you that I think you are all going to do really well in this profession! So congratulations.”

“For all the students in the other states doing the nail technology and beauty therapy courses, I highly recommend that you attend workshops like this one if you get the opportunity. You will go away will knowledge, confidence and the know-how to produce some really fantastic work.”

Cath is very clear about the benefits to students of going to events like this one, “it will set you straight with how to use all your products and equipment. Then all you need to do is practise, practise, practise!”

The trainer also wanted to say, “a big thank you also to the amazing Nicki from Young Nails, who guided the girls through using all these great products. She is a great lady and a great trainer!”


Cath also offers one final compliment to one of the attending students: “One last thing for Judith. I just had to say that once I finished buffing down the sculptured nail you did on me, it is almost perfect with a beautiful little smile! Well done girls and happy buffing!”

If you would like to attend an event at Open Colleges, you need to be an Open Colleges student! Search courses in beauty therapy and nail technology here.

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