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Studying Online

Studying online with Open Colleges is perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle - there are no campuses to attend, no set schedules to live by and no assessment due dates. Find out how it works...

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Why study online with Open Colleges?

Deciding to study online can bring up a whole range of emotions – excitement, pride and maybe a little apprehension – but don’t worry. With Open Colleges, you’ll have all the flexibility and support you need to get through your course and create a new future.

Find out more about the benefits of studying online with us below, discover more about how online learning works, or simply go ahead and get started.

Your time is precious, we get that. When you study online with Open Colleges there are no strict schedules and no assessment due dates so you really can study around your life. You can also start your course any day of the year – we’re ready when you are.

Unlike other education providers, here at Open Colleges, there are no intake dates or start dates – you can enrol and start studying anytime you like.

You’re in charge – you’re free to study whenever and wherever you like but, don’t worry, we’ll always be there to keep you on track. Whilst there are no set study hours per week, we’ll give you some study guidelines and regular encouragement to help you succeed in your course.

One of the major benefits of studying online is that you can learn at your own pace. If you have the ability and time to finish your course earlier, you can, or you can choose to learn without any pressure over a longer timeframe. It’s completely up to you.

Just because you’ve chosen to study online doesn’t mean you’ll be left completely on your own. As you’re in control of your studies, it will take a whole load of self-discipline and there could be times when you struggle to stay motivated but there will always be somebody there to give you a helping hand.

When you enrol with Open Colleges, you join a whole community where you can get help with everything from managing your studies to specific questions about your course and staying motivated. Whatever questions you have, real people are available to help. With Open Colleges, you’ll have access to 3 kinds of support:

  • Trainer Support – get the answers to questions about your course or assessments
  • Student Support – call us to get all the administration information you need, including course help, how to get started and work placement support
  • Learner Support – we can help you with essay planning, study tips and so much more

You can also contact other students studying the same course as you to discuss assessments and to help keep you motivated in your online campus – OpenSpace.

Money matters – and we know that the cost of studying online is a major factor to consider when making the decision to enrol in a course. We also know that you may be ready to study but might not be able to pay your full course fees upfront.

At Open Colleges, we believe education should be accessible to anyone that wants to learn, so we offer a range of payment options that mean getting qualified or following a passion doesn’t have to break the bank.

You can pay your course fees in full (and receive a bit of a discount for doing so) or through convenient weekly and fortnightly instalments that can be scheduled around your regular outgoings.

Open Colleges also offers zipMoney 24-month interest-free* payment plans. With this option you can pay for your course in regular instalments to suit your financial situation. Find out more about zipMoney.

*Not available for every course. Terms and conditions apply.

When you study with Open Colleges, you’ll receive the same quality of education that you would get on a college campus. Most of our qualifications are nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework that give you the job-ready skills you need to succeed.

What is the Australian Qualifications Framework?

The AQF is the national policy for regulated qualifications in the Australian education and training system. The AQF provides the standards for Australian qualifications and provides assurance that courses and providers are approved by government. Therefore, students who graduate with AQF qualification are assured that their qualification is recognised across Australia and internationally.

Industry-developed courses

Here at Open Colleges, we develop our courses in consultation with industry experts to ensure the skills and knowledge you gain are applicable and in-demand.¬ This means you not only complete your course with the career confidence to embrace new opportunities but also have a broader understanding of your industry of choice.

How does studying online work?

As you’re in control of your studies, it will take a whole load of self-discipline and there could be times when you struggle to stay motivated but a helping hand is never far away. Find out all about your online learning campus, the support network that will keep you going and how you get those all important practical skills, below.


Your online campus

Is it difficult to use? No – we’ve made sure OpenSpace is easy to use and completely intuitive, and through our consultation process, we will make sure you are capable to handle the demands of online study. When you first start using OpenSpace, you can familiarise yourself with the platform by watching a video tour or you can book an induction with our support team. If you ever do feel a little confused, you can call us to help you find your way.

As long as you’re online, you can access OpenSpace wherever you are. It’s designed to be used on any device – your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – so it’s perfect for fitting learning around your life and studying on the go.

How can I make sure I'm a successful student? One of the main benefits of studying online is having total flexibility – you can fit your learning around your everyday commitments and study when it suits you.

However, this freedom and flexibility requires you to be truly dedicated and disciplined to ensure you are successful in your course. Although it can be hard work, the end result is definitely worth it!

Follow these tips to keep you on track to succeed:

  • Attend an orientation session with Student Support when you first enrol.

  • Familiarise yourself with OpenSpace – there’s lots of helpful support material available.

  • Try to set aside regular times to study each week or month. As you are working independently, we find this is the best way to stay on top of the coursework. Remember, our Support Team can help you set up an academic plan.

  • It’s a good idea to also try to complete learning activities and assessments regularly. This means you’ll get valuable feedback as you move through the course, and get closer to your goal with each milestone.

  • If there are webinars, skills workshops or other activities for your course, try to attend. They’ll help to keep you motivated and you’ll meet some great people!

  • Finally – get into the habit of getting in touch! If you get stuck, or aren’t sure about something, contact us so we can help. We want you to succeed. Speaking to the OC community will help you feel more involved, even though you aren’t at a physical campus.

Your online community

Just because you’ve chosen to study online doesn’t mean you’ll be left completely on your own. In fact, when you enrol with Open Colleges, you join a whole community where you can get help with everything from managing your studies to specific questions about your course and staying motivated.

Support Team - If you encounter a problem during your course, you can pick up the phone or log in to OpenSpace to contact our friendly learning support team. Our Support Officers are on hand to help you out with admin and how to get started, as well as essay planning, study tips and everything in-between. Give them a call or book an appointment through OpenSpace.

Trainers - If you get stuck with an assessment or have a question related to the learning material, our Trainers are available to give you guidance and feedback. You can contact them by sending a message through OpenSpace. They try to respond to all queries as quickly as possible, so you’ll never be left wondering for long.

Other students - Got a question related to your course? You won’t be the only one. Log in to the student discussion board in OpenSpace to check in with other students studying the same course as you; ask questions, share your experience to help you stay motivated throughout your studies.

Practical experience

Check to see if your chosen course requires you to complete Structured Workplace Learning (also known as a work placement) by visiting the course page on the Open Colleges website. A placement involves completing a certain number of hours in a suitable workplace environment.

While it will be your responsibility to find an organisation to complete your work placement with, you'll find information and tips on how to secure a placement in OpenSpace. If you feel like you need more help after that, you can speak to one of our Work Placement Support Officers who can offer some extra assistance to get you into a suitable workplace.

Depending on the course you enrol in, you may be invited to attend Open Colleges’ skills workshops. These workshops and industry seminars give you the opportunity to put the theory you learn into practice and meet other students studying the same course as you. These workshops aren’t compulsory but they’re a great chance to meet new people, share your knowledge and gain some invaluable hands-on experience. They are facilitated by our expert Trainers and Assessors, and are held at multiple locations all around Australia.



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