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Jen Bishop

“These days, the online world plays a much bigger part so having a digital footprint is essential.”

Jen Bishop is the publisher of leading Australian blog Interiors Addict and its new sister site, Reno Addict and is a journalist of 15 years. She believes in style without the snobbery.

1 What is the Australian interior design industry like, how is it unique?

It's very impressive. There's so much going on and so much creativity. It's amazing how much we have to write about and how many events we get invited to. It's testament to how thriving the industry is.

2 What's the secret to staying relevant in the interior design industry?

Keeping abreast of the trends, making sure you never stop learning and that your skills are up to date, and using online tools like Instagram to share your portfolio.

3 How has the industry changed over recent years in Australia?

These days, the online world plays a much bigger part so having a digital footprint is essential. That means a great website, an easy way for people to search for you and contact you online, using social media to engage with potential customers and market yourself, and reading blogs to keep an eye on what the rest of the interiors world is doing, both here and overseas.

4 What advice would you offer students looking to get into the interior design industry?

Do internships, get qualified and have a great attitude. I always encourage budding stylists to take part in our monthly photo challenge on Instagram called 7 Vignettes ( It's a great way to showcase what you can do and we have had a few amateurs get offered paid styling work as a result of them being spotted there!

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