How to find the best graphic design jobs online

by Jo Hartley
Posted: October 18, 2017

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Graphic designers are naturally creative people, so it makes sense that they’re likely to think outside the box when it comes to finding graphic design jobs online.

However, for those newer to the industry, a little guidance may be required. So, here we give you the best ways to source graphic design jobs online so you’ll be maximising your skills and knowledge in no time, whilst getting paid for it too. 

1.    Befriend social networking 

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Never underestimate the power of a social networking site, such as LinkedIn, when it comes to finding graphic design jobs online. Set up your profile with a thorough resume covering your employment history. 

This enables potential employers to obtain a good understanding of your previous roles and current skill set. If you’re looking for your first job, ensure you invest time writing about the relevant skills, including soft skills you have, that could be applied to a graphic design job. 

Include any skills that you have acquired through work placements, training or qualifications. Remember, searching for jobs while studying a graphic design course can also result in experience and on the job training like no other.

On the social networking platforms, search and connect with as many people within the graphic design industry as you can. Search for people via company names or link up with other professional graphic designers. 

Where possible, follow up with a message once you’re connected to let them know you’re currently looking for work. Remember, some of the best graphic design jobs aren’t always advertised.

As well as connecting with people on these social networking sites and platforms, regularly search them for graphic design jobs. Where you can, set yourself up to receive notifications of any graphic design jobs advertised, and be sure to search and join dedicated graphic design groups.  

You’ll be surprised how much online ‘word of mouth’ can help you find your next opportunity, and this is the case for sites such as Facebook too. 

Letting your friends know that you’re looking for work is a great way to spread the word. Who knows, that graphic design opportunity may only be an update away. 

2.    Embrace general job-seeking sites 

Using the most recognised and popular job search sites, such as, is one surefire way of ensuring you’re the first to know about the best and newly advertised graphic design jobs

As well as regularly searching these job sites yourself, be sure to set up your own portfolio. Much like professional networking sites, this will let employers search for you and your skill set.  

It’ll also enable you to set up specific job alerts so that any graphic design jobs will be sent straight to your inbox. 

3.    … and specialised jobs sites 

As well as registering and regularly searching the more general job sites, it’s important to pinpoint those that are more targeted to both your skill set and the dream graphic design job you’re seeking. 

Sites such as The Loop are dedicated to job seekers and employers within the creative industries. Like any other job site, you can set up your portfolio to be found by employers and be notified as and when new graphic design jobs appear online. 

4.    Connect and register with recruiters 

Searching for and registering with recruiters online is helpful because being on their books means there’s an increased chance that you become privy to jobs that aren’t advertised. 

Many recruiters work so closely with clients that they can revert to their database of current candidates – one of which is you – to find the perfectly qualified someone to fill the role. 

While you may need to go in and formally register at some stage, it’s easy enough to start the process online, particularly in narrowing down the specialised agencies that are best for you. 

All you should wait for then, is the calls to come in and your dream graphic design job to land in your lap – once you’ve smashed the interview that is! 

5.    Connect with alumni

During your studies, it’s likely that you will have befriended other people doing your course – albeit sometimes only virtually. But, keeping in touch with them online can be a great way to find out about opportunities.  

For example, if a fellow graduate finds themselves in a company where an additional graphic design job becomes available, they can let you know immediately. We all know the saying ‘first in, best dressed’.

6.    Attend an online careers fair 

With technological advancements, it was only a matter of time before careers fairs moved to online venues. Whilst these events are still in their infancy, there’s no doubt that they will become more regular and popular as need and interest grows.

In an online careers fair in Melbourne, virtual students experienced a simulated exhibition hall, complete with a helpdesk, a networking lounge, live chat and webinars between employers, students and graduates.

Students could access and chat to multinational companies, small and medium enterprises, government and non-government departments, research and development organisations and bi-lateral chambers of commerce. 

Could there really be any easier way of killing two birds with one stone? Cup of tea in hand and access to graphic design jobs online in the other! 

What are you waiting for?

Taking that first step into the graphic design world can be daunting. But with the right training and qualifications behind you, there’s nothing to fear. In fact, studying graphic design may help drive your passion into a specialised area. 

With a world of graphic design jobs online, there’s never been a better time to take the bull by the horns - or in this case, take the keyboard by the keys. 

So, don’t hesitate to get your graphic design career started. Investing in your tomorrow, happens today! 

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Jo Hartley

Jo Hartley

Jo is currently residing in Newcastle, Australia with her husband, two sons, dog and cat. Jo is a regular contributor to Fairfax’s Essential Baby and Essential Kids sites. Her work has also been featured in SMH Life & Style, SMH Daily Life, Sunday Life, Body + Soul, Practical Parenting, MiNDFOOD and many more. When Jo is not writing she can be found eating ice-cream straight from the tub and pondering her next weight loss journey.

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