Open Colleges' Virtual Campus

Everything you need, all in one place. It’s OpenSpace. 

What is OpenSpace?

Open Colleges offers you a custom-designed online-learning platform called OpenSpace. Your learning platform is the heart of your study experience. This is where you'll navigate through your course materials, contact your trainers and assessors, and connect with other online students.

What can I do in OpenSpace?

OpenSpace provides you with a secure, interactive learning environment that allows you to access a wealth of learning resources. In OpenSpace you can:

  • access all your course materials, including videos and other digital resources
  • complete the learning activities related to your course
  • get the latest news about Open Colleges and your course
  • access the Student Lounge - a hub for student information and resources, including how-to videos, forms, relevant policies and procedures, communication tools and study tips
  • get to know your fellow students by posting in the course forums
  • connect with your Trainer and Assessor and Course Coordinator
  • access extensive online libraries for research
  • upload your assessments, view feedback, and access your grades 

It’s just like a real campus – but it’s available anywhere and anytime.