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Use hygienic practices for food safety

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Elements and Performance Criteria 

1. Follow hygiene procedures and identify food hazards.

1.1 Follow organizational hygiene procedures.

1.2 Promptly report unsafe practices that breach hygiene procedures.

1.3 Identify food hazards that may affect the health and safety of customers, colleagues and self.

1.4 Remove or minimize the hygiene hazard and report to appropriate person for follow up.

2. Report any personal health issues.

2.1 Report any personal health issues likely to cause a hygiene risk.

2.2 Report incidents of food contamination resulting from personal health issues.

2.3 Cease participation in food handling activities where a health issue may cause food contamination.

3. Prevent food contamination.

3.1 Maintain clean clothes, wear required personal protective clothing and only use organization-approved bandages and dressings.

3.2 Prevent food contamination from clothing and other items worn.

3.3 Prevent unnecessary direct contact with ready to eat food.

3.4 Avoid unhygienic personal contact with food or food contact surfaces.

3.5 Avoid unhygienic cleaning practices  that may cause food-borne illnesses.

4. Prevent cross contamination by washing hands.

4.1 Wash hands at appropriate times and follow hand washing procedures consistently.

4.2 Wash hands using appropriate facilities .

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