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Which course level is right for me?

Open Colleges offers a range of different courses – each with its own benefits. These include:

  • Nationally Recognised Certificates
  • Nationally Recognised Diplomas
  • Statements of Attainment
  • Open Colleges Learning Libraries
  • Open Colleges Short Courses
  • Open Colleges Skill Builder Courses

To help ensure you make the right choice, below is a brief description of the different course types:

Nationally Recognised Courses

Open Colleges offers nationally recognised Certificates and Diplomas. So, what does ‘nationally recognised’ mean?

A nationally recognised course is part of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). The AQF includes specific standards for courses at different levels. The advantages of studying a nationally recognised course are:

  • You will gain a qualification that has been developed in consultation with industry;
  • Your qualification will be recognised by industry across Australia;
  • Your qualification will carry the same level of recognition as courses delivered on-campus;
  • It is generally easier to obtain credit or advanced standing towards further studies;
  • Your course is subject to review and audit by the Australian Skills Quality Authority; and
  • You can be assured that your course meets the standards required to be nationally recognised

For more information on the AQF, click here. (

Nationally Recognised Certificates

Open Colleges delivers nationally accredited certificates including:

  • Certificate II;
  • Certificate III; and
  • Certificate IV.

A Certificate II provides students with basic vocational skills and knowledge. A Certificate III develops higher-level vocational skills and requires students to demonstrate an understanding of basic theory within the field. A Certificate IV builds both higher-level vocational skills as well as improved problem-solving and management skills and requires a higher level of theoretical knowledge in the area. In many cases, successful completion of a Certificate IV will be recognised by universities as being equivalent to six months full-time university study.

Nationally Recognised Diplomas

Open Colleges delivers nationally accredited diplomas including:

  • Diploma; and
  • Advanced Diploma

A Diploma provides a greater depth of knowledge in the vocational area and builds higher-level problem-solving skills. A Diploma fosters analytical, planning and management skills.

An Advanced Diploma builds specialized knowledge in a particular area and supports the development of more advanced analytical and problem-solving skills within the specialized area. An Advanced Diploma also builds management skills.

Students that successfully complete a Diploma or Advanced Diploma may receive credit for up to 12 months and 18 months of equivalent full-time study in an undergraduate degree at an Australian university, respectively.

Statements of Attainment

Open Colleges also offers Statements of Attainment in a range of specialised areas. These courses include units of competency from nationally recognised courses and are designed to provide specific skills or knowledge.

For example, Open Colleges offers a Statement of Attainment in BAS Agent Registration Skill Set. This Statement of Attainment includes the two units of competency from the Financial Services National Training Package required by individuals with a nationally recognised bookkeeping qualification that are seeking to submit Business Activity Statements.

Open Colleges Learning Libraries

Open Colleges Learning Libraries are a range of self-study subscription-based subjects that can be accessed on computers, mobile app and tablet devices. Each Library contains audiobooks, eBooks, video courses and more.

Our Learning Libraries are designed to offer speedy learning experiences that quickly build skills and bridge knowledge gaps. Open Colleges Learning Libraries do not form part of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Open Colleges Short Courses

Open Colleges has developed a number of Open Colleges Short Courses. These courses, typically with a maximum duration of 3 to 6 months, provide students with specific skills or knowledge in a particular area. They represent a great option for students seeking a ‘taster’ course in a particular area. Open Colleges Short Courses do not form part of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Open Colleges Skill Builder Courses

Open Colleges has established an innovative partnership with Ed2Go to provide a diverse range of Skill Builder courses. Delivered fully online in just 6 weeks, the Skill Builder Courses are designed to deliver specific skills in business, project management or computing. These skills can be useful to students studying in a Nationally Recognised Course. Many students choose to concurrently enrol in a Skill Builder Course and another Open Colleges course. Open Colleges Skill Builder Courses do not form part of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

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