• How Taking Photos Impacts Our Memory

    Researchers at Fairfield University in Connecticut have found the way we take a photo of an object makes a difference in our ability to recall it later. The research team, led by Linda A. Henkel, conducted two studies to determine whether taking photos of objects affects our ability to remember details about them later on…. Read More

  • 10 Books About the Brain for 2019

    December 23rd, 2018 5 Comments Features
    deeper learning

    Brain science is more prolific—and popular—than ever before, and with a deeper understanding of how the mind functions comes a coinciding movement surrounding self-growth and neuroeducation. It’s easier than ever before to self-educate and stay up-to-date with the latest trends when you have not only such a wealth of research coming out, but also popular… Read More

  • 10 Keys to Cognitive Flexibility

    How do we become more efficient at harnessing our experience, knowledge, and imagination to respond most effectively to the situation at hand? Originally coined by psychologists in the 1960s, cognitive flexibility has emerged from the literature and been rebranded as a popular concept in edpsych circles. It is traditionally defined in terms of how well… Read More