What is the Potential of Facebook Timeline in Online Classrooms?

September 30th, 2012 1 Comment Other

Facebook Timeline

Facebook’s recent Timeline feature, has in a sense, allowed students in today’s history classes to “recreate the past” and enhance their historical knowledge.

The possibilities and approaches are endless for those  seeking to analyze and explore the events that have shaped our nation and have served to defined certain eras.  With a little creativity and technical savvy, students can integrate different forms of media for class projects, such as photos, maps, audio elements, and even historical pieces.

The potential to use this application is significant for online classes for various reasons. Facebook’s Timeline feature has the potential to add variety and increased interest to a subject matter that many students sometimes find boring, “outdated” and irrelevant to their world.

The use of technology and different forms of media can also allow for students with different types of learning styles to better comprehend and process lessons.  It also helps to more clearly establish the 5 W’s: who, what , when, where, and why.

A recent article at Edudemic.com, discusses how students from a school in Amsterdam successfully used Facebook’s Timeline to construct a class project for their history class. Students here creatively used it for four notable projects:

  • Fashion from 1950-current times
  • The Rise and fall of the Soviet Union
  • Magellan’s Voyage
  • 20th Century Inventions

Facebook’s Timeline has helped to make history more modern.

What is your opinion of Facebook’s Timeline being used in today’s classes?

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