Teaching Outdoors Boost Grades

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Teaching outdoors

We talk a lot about classroom environments and where students learn best, but teaching outdoors is a new one even to us.

Still, the argument made here makes some sense. Instead of telling students about the world as it is, why not allow them to experience it first-hand?

According to the post, learning in an outdoors setting has a number of benefits that teachers, parents and students can all enjoy. They are:

  • 72% of outdoor learners scored higher on tests than students in traditional classrooms.
  • Stimulation outdoors versus indoors helps prevent childhood obesity, attention deficit disorder, anxiety and depression.
  • Hearing the sounds of nature helps to increase the amount of serotonin in the brain and reduce stress.
  • Fresh stimuli from the constantly changing outdoors helps to improve memory skills.

With children as young as 3 showing increased motivation to learn when being taught outdoors, many people have started to think that children actually enjoy learning, just not in the current approach most schools take. In fact, studies have shown children remain more on-task when they are learning outdoors as opposed to confined to the four walls of a classroom.

Communication is enhanced outdoors too. With problems needing to be addressed, leaders needing to give direction and solutions needing to be found, group discussions are more effective in an outdoor setting where situations feel more real rather than behind a desk.

The environment benefits too. Children who learned outdoors were more likely to respect the environment after only a few days of being immersed in it. Likewise, students were more comfortable with basic outdoor skills in the unique learning environment.

What are your thoughts? Is this evidence enough to start moving classrooms outdoors?

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