Students Using Mobiles To Cheat

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Since the beginning of time, clever kids have found ways to do less and achieve more. This is particularly true when it comes to cheating for better grades.

In simpler times, techniques included writing answers on body parts, passing notes in class, and sneaking peeks in books while the teacher’s head was turned.

With the advancement of technology, cheating has become more sophisticated. Students are now using their mobile phones to score answers and increase the odds of test success.

According to Mashable, a study conducted on teen behavior by Mcafee in 2012, revealed that almost half of the students surveyed ‘fessed up to looking up answers to exams or class assignments online. Another popular method of cheating consists of texting their peers for needed answers as well.

The study also reports that this practice is much more widespread than today’s parent recognizes. Some teachers, aware of this tendency to use technology to cheat, combat the situation by having students to turn their phones in before exams are administered.

In other instances, a proxy is assigned to the class, (whose duty is to monitor students until test completion, sharpen pencils, or handout scratch paper as needed).

Shortcuts rarely work in life. School is no different.

Those who cheat to enhance their grades, miss out on mastering foundational skills that will serve to help them in the future. They also miss out on the satisfaction of feeling good about  personal accomplishment and hard work.

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