Students and Teachers To Get Windows 8 Tablets

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windows 8 tablet

A school in Queensland is taking its teachings into the future with Microsoft Windows 8 tablets issued to students.

In a deal worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, A.B. Paterson College on the Gold Coast will provide about 1400 Samsung tablets over the next two years to every staff member and student.

Brian Grimes, the Principal and Chief Executive Officer of A.B. Paterson College says, “Despite our advanced teaching and learning program there was a concern that our current technology was not permitting the evolution of our pedagogy and that we wanted to see our students develop learning skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation; and critical thinking and problem solving.”

Following substantive research and investigation, the College implemented the development of a Collaborative Learning programme, which incorporates the rollout of the Samsung Series 7 Slate PC, Heulab SMART tables and the development of a Collaborative Learning Centre.

The new technology is not just designed to look good, lots of research has been done to ensure that the Windows 8 tablets were the best choice for the school’s needs. “It was necessary to research a technology solution that enabled the enhancement of our teaching and learning framework – not merely as impressive devices, but rather as learning enhancers that enable the enrichment of our highly successful programs,” says Mr Grimes.

The reviews of the tablets have been good internationally. One of the leading review websites, CNET says, “(The Windows 8 tablet has an) Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, giving it the performance of a full-fledged ultrabook-style laptop. The drawbacks tend to be a shorter battery life and a higher price tag. Many come with either a laptop-like docking station, or are compatible with a keyboard-cover accessory.”

Mr Grimes is confident that the tablets will enhance learning for his students, and his staff. “All teachers have access to their own Tablet, as do students in Years 4-6. A further 450 slates will be provided to Senior School students in 2014. Students in those years without a Slate at present have the opportunity to use these new devices in our Collaborative Learning Centre.”

The students are really enjoying having the opportunity to take their learning beyond the classroom and this has been reflected in their interest and engagement levels. Mr Grimes says, “It has also been great to see the creativity and self-directed learning that has been facilitated through the availability of having a world of communication at their fingertips.”

School today is different to the classrooms of yester-year, and the teaching staff at A.B. Paterson College is aware of this. “An important goal for maintaining meaningful engagement with the learning process is to align the student’s school experience with the reality of their world beyond the school gates and having the slates has made learning available to them anywhere, anytime.” 


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