Our students share their stories

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Our students share their stories

Many thanks to our students who contributed to the Share Your Story competition in the inaugural issue of InformED and congratulations to winner Ericka Holt. Ericka’s story describes how distance education can help you turn your fortunes around.

I am wanting to share my story on completing successfully a Certificate IV in Business Administration via distance education. Upon enrolling in my course I was unemployed and had the world of time to get started on my course. However after completing my first few assessments at my own leisurely pace I ended up becoming successful with a job interview and began working full time. The thing about distance education that I found most beneficial was the fact that it didn’t affect my ability to earn money, and study at the same time. I went on to complete all of my assessments as well as the practical side of the studies whilst working full time and I now have a Certificate IV in Business Admin.  It is the best thing I have ever done, and would encourage anybody who thinks that they can’t – YOU CAN! If I can do it, so can you!!

Ericka’s inspirational story wins her a $100 gift card to use at Coles Group & Myer. We hope you enjoy your spending spree, Ericka! Two other entries stood out and are published below. Thanks to Amanda Jesnoewski and Sarah Williams for sharing your experiences with us.

My name is Amanda Jesnoewski and I would like to submit my story of how studying with Cengage has changed my life and helped me to start achieving my goals. I am a ‘Mumpreneur’, every day I juggle an iPhone and a nappy bag, clients and a toddler, a laptop and a household, telephones and tantrums. So naturally, when I told my family I was going to study they thought I was crazy! But I had a dream… I wanted to write a survival guide for ‘Mumpreneurs’, so I took the step t enrol in the Cengage Education Non-fiction Writing & Publishing course and my dream is fast becoming a reality. I knew the course would be a good opportunity to further my writing skills, but what I didn’t know is how easy it would make planning and writing my book or how much it could further my writing career by opening up so many opportunities. I haven’t even finished my course and I have already planned, researched and written a lot of my book content. Each assignment has helped me write parts of my book or taught me how to promote and sell my work. I have also had the opportunity to ask questions, seek guidance and bounce ideas off my tutor Ann, an experienced writer and published author, which has been priceless. It has been a truly rewarding experience that has given me the motivation, confidence and knowledge I need to bring my dream of writing to fruition!

My name is Sarah. I am twenty-one and a stay at home mother. I have always wanted to study, but being a young mother I never really had the chance. When I found Cengage online courses, I was ecstatic that I could still study and be a mother. So I quickly enrolled and begun as soon as I possibly could. Before Cengage, I felt like my life had dead-ended, being a mother and not being able to better my education unless I dropped some of my responsibilities on others. I was still depressed from losing my mother to cancer less than a year ago, and I needed to do something to regain my identity. I always enjoyed writing, so becoming a writer was on the agenda. When I found the Creative Writing course offered through Cengage, I couldn’t believe my luck. Now I am two thirds of the way through my course, and I am happier than I could have thought possible. It has helped me deal with the loss of my mother, and build a possible career at the same time, while still being a mother. I appreciate my son so much more, and I enjoy being able to study while he sleeps. Cengage has changed my life for the better; I now have prospects, a better outlook on the world, and have fought my impending depression and won.


Andrianes Pinantoan is InformED's editor and part of the marketing team behind Open Colleges. When not working, he can be found reading about two of his favourite subjects: education and psychology. You can find him on Google+ or @andreispsyched.

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  1. bella says:

    I am wanting to share my story about my course that I’m enrolled in. I am currently completing my course in cert III in aged care and cert III in community care. This course has made me want to belong with something made me want to enjoy what im doing, but i wouldnt be able to have gotten this far with out my trainer Sue i am owing so much to Sue. With out her encouragment, her humour, her reliability i would not have gotten this far she has pushed me to a good place within my life and am so very thankful for her to be my teacher. She has done so much “bridge making”, “ass kissing”, “smooching” that with out her to have been doing this for me i would have failied so many times. So im just writting this little paragraph to show all my thanks to the one woman that has put this time in for us students even after all the smartass remarks she cop and rude gestures that are made but she still comes in every day with her head held high just to teach us a little of her knowledge that we should all be more then happy to learn from. So if you get the time to read this sue i am writing to thank you and say the words that you might need to hear after all you have gotten us through…. thank you

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