One School Allowed Their Students To Design Their Own Curriculum. Here's What Happened Next.

March 4th, 2014 3 Comments Other

We often write about letting student take charge of their learning (like here, here and here) and this school did it. They allowed students to create their “school within a school” and learn what they want to learn – and not a single subject more.

Did it work? Check out the video below to find out.


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3 Responses

  1. I think this is great,but it is not for every student and school. These students are intelligent,motivated,and skilled and this model may not work for most kids. There are also obviously some criteria and support guiding their endeavors. I do especially like that the subjects are interwoven,as in real life. I also like the pursuit of interests. It certainly is a paradigm worth pursuing. This one is obviously well-done.

    • Andrianes Pinantoan says:

      Hi Dr Jim, you’re right that this doesn’t mean that no adults are guiding them. Teachers are more facilitators than knowledge-dispensers in this case.

  2. David Glines says:

    The recent report features 3 schedules made by students that mean to patch up how educators spend an average school day. Every one of the calendars incorporate more opportunity for instructors to cooperate to design exercises, adaptable guideline obstructs that enable educators to tailor guideline to understudies’ specific needs, and open doors for little gathering direction and understudy coordinated learning.

    Individuals would need to begin considering instructors experts and not only just nannies with degrees. They would need to perceive that arranging and planning truly is basic to incredible guideline. Loads of individuals would need to modify their reasoning and afterward who will direct the understudies when the instructors are not with them in classrooms.

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