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July 21st, 2011 2 Comments Other

Dirk Drieberg, our Design & Technology Faculty Head, is excited about the series of developments underway in this faculty, with a number of new and also restructured courses being released.

You may recall in our last newsletter that Cengage Education, in partnership with the College of Fashion Design, had launched Certificate and Diploma courses in Fashion Design & Applied Technology. Not only have these courses been launched, but we also now have students enrolled in both the Certificate IV and the Diploma of Applied Fashion Design & Technology.

There are significant improvements to our Design courses, with a restructure of the Certificate IV in Design into three streams:
Certificate IV in Design (specialising in Interior Decoration)
Certificate IV in Design (specialising in Graphic Design)
Certificate IV in Design (specialising in Web Design)

The new Interior Decoration course was launched on 1 July. The Graphic Design and Web Design courses, which will be launched in August, are a big step forward as they are highly customised for distance education.

Similar improvements are being introduced in the Information Technology field. The Certificate II in Information Technology is being restructured into three streams in August:
Certificate II in IT (specialising in General Computing)
Certificate II in IT (specialising in Office Administration)
Certificate II in IT (specialising in Small Business)

Dynamic change is underway throughout our organisation, evidenced by our ability to simultaneously update existing courses while introducing new ones. Keep watching this space.


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    Would like to find out more about the Certificate 1v Design(Website) starting in August

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