“Kno Me” Tool Uses Learning Analytics to Enhance E-Text Experience

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Education software company Kno has launched a new dashboard for students to measure how much time they are spending with each digital textbook they use on the Kno platform called Kno Me. Students can use the tool to map their study behavior, manage their time, and measure personal progress.

The Kno Me Tool reflects the emerging market for learning analytics in the education technology industry. Experts are just beginning to understand how to leverage this concept, and the team at Kno is working to stay ahead of the curve.

The tool was first unveiled at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In an interview with Emerging EdTech, CEO and founder Osman Rashid explained how it gives students insight into their own study habits and behaviors while they use e-textbooks:

“The question we want to help students answer is ‘How much am I really studying?’ If you’re a student, you don’t know the answer until you get your grade, and if it’s bad, it’s too late,” he said. “Kno Me is a like a personal learning GPS that helps you locate where you are in your studies and where you need to go.”

Kno Me’s data is compiled from Kno’s analytics platform and traces the average time a student spends reading a specific book or chapter within that book, the percentage of pages in the chapter the student annotates, and more.

One particularly powerful function of the tool is that it allows students to share statistics with one another see how their reading and studying patterns compare. Students who are exceling in the course can share their studying secrets with students who are struggling, and everyone can be granted access to each other’s usage history.

Emerging EdTech outlines a few features and concepts Kno uses to deliver a more interactive e-textbook experience for students:

  • “Doing more with less time” is at the core of their philosophy, and is enabled through ideas like a powerful textbook search engine, being able to get your professors’ and friends’ notes from right within the e-book, “smart links,” and more.

  • Flash cards are automatically created for all glossary items (for all books that have them).

  • “Smartlinks “can be added anywhere within any textbook by a teacher, enabling the easy context-associated sharing of videos, web pages, and other web-enabled content.

  • Student can create their own study guides with Kno’s Journaling capabilities.

  • Kno textbooks synch across the cloud, so you can access your etext from multiple devices and still leverage much of the unique functionality Kno offers.

Kno Me is available on all Kno interactive textbooks for iPad, Windows 8, and web browsers and will soon be available for Android and Windows 7.


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