Just How Massive Will The Impact Of Mobile Tech Have On Education?

September 22nd, 2012 1 Comment Other

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Since the beginning of time, kids have always been intrigued by two things: “gadgets” and novelty. So it’s no wonder that mobile technology as a learning tool is now being embraced with great popularity.

Not just by students, but also by today’s teachers and parents, who see its integration in the classroom as providing variety, opportunities for individualized instruction, and greater access to resources.

According to a recent article at eschoolnews.com, an increasing number of students have mobile devices, and with it, a great interest in using these devices to enhance their learning experience.

Survey findings show students use mobile technology and online learning to participate in discussion boards, complete interactive exercises, create presentations, and to play educational games.  They Tweet and use social media forums to discuss topics of interest and to collaborate on classroom projects.  Smart phones can be used to help kids become “smarter”.

Parents also give support, seeing it as a means of stimulating students’ minds and captivating short attention spans. Additionally, these mediums allow for materials and resources to be modified and “tweaked” to address any deficiency areas and developmental needs, for students of varying levels.

Because of its many advantages and its accessibility, mobile technology is very likely to have massive appeal and measurable impact for teachers and students everywhere.

What are your thoughts on the use of mobile phones in the classroom?



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    the use of mobiles in the classroom is the best solution especially in a country like South Africa but getting financial assistance is hindering progress. what is the cheapest way to deliver content on mobiles?

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