How Mobile Learning Is Expanding Education's Reach

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Looking at Mobile

A famous activist once said that, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

But some individuals are not able to take “the journey” due to the challenges faced by those attempting to make quality education accessible to all—particularly those that live in underdeveloped areas.

Let’s face it: education has always had its challenges no matter what the form, (whether online or traditional classroom settings). Things like teacher shortages, lack of funding, policy implementation, class sizes, etc.

Yet, amid these challenges and limitations, education has always been about innovation. At its best, education is about discovering new ways to challenge old ways of thinking. It’s about expanding horizons and expanding students’ knowledge base.

Enter Mobile Learning…

Mobile phones are being used as a teaching tool that allows users to benefit from features such as connectivity and interactivity.

It is also a device by which reading materials are delivered cheaply, (which curtails the high cost of textbooks and their distribution comparatively). Not to mention, it allows not just for the sharing of materials, but the sharing of ideas and important “dialogue”—which promotes progressive thinking.

Mobile phones are helping to equip learners across the world with skills to enable them to function better and enjoy a better quality of life.

In a recent article at, we learn about a place in Africa where mobile phones are making a difference.

Before their implementation, thousands of children were dropping out of elementary school, and for those that didn’t, there were major deficiencies in literacy and numerical skills.

With mobile phones, they are now able to learn not only more, but quicker too.

Mobile phones and modern technology are becoming virtual “black boards”– expanding education’s reach and impact worldwide.


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