Awesome TED Talks For Educators

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Sir Ken Robinson

TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a non-profit organization. Their mission is to share ideas that are worth sharing. The field of education has certainly benefited from many of these ideas and this article discusses the top 8.

The continuous merge of education and technology has led to some very interesting debates over the future of teaching and the way students learn. While some people see it as trendy, others, such as those we hear in these TED talks and frequently discuss on our blog, have found enormous value in developing teaching methods to target individual learning styles.

Here are a few ideas that have come out of these talks.

  • Today’s teaching is outdated – Many hours of research on teaching methods, learning styles and classroom behaviors have shown that the way students are learning, through memorization and traditional large classroom settings, is quickly becoming a thing of the past.
  • Kids can be kids – Children when left to their own free will have been found to work in groups, teach each other and help each other grow. This could potentially change the way teaching works all together.
  • Technology can be used to demonstrate realistic mathematical equations – Computers can provide a different approach to how to use math to solve real life problems making lessons learned more applicable to how it will be used later on.
  • A combination of arts and sciences can be beneficial – This is a similar concept to the one above and shows that combining arts and sciences can encourage creativity and logic in the same classroom.
  • Teaching in impoverished areas is becoming more critical – More births are expected to take place in poor neighborhoods rather than rich and for this reason teaching in impoverished areas is a skill that must be fine-tuned.

These are some pretty interesting ideas that can transform the way students learn in the classroom and turn the traditional education approach upside down.

Have you heard any similar TED talks that struck you as innovative and compelling?


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