A roundabout route to an IT career

December 15th, 2011 2 Comments Other

Marcus Raven loves cartooning. In fact, he initially enrolled in our Certificate in Freelance Cartooning & Illustrating before realising that his other passion, IT, was where he wanted to build a career. He reckons he can continue to perfect his cartooning in his leisure time.

Now that Marcus has completed his Certificate II in IT, he intends to continue his studies, with a view to gaining employment in this field. He is particularly interested in working with computer hardware.

He found Open Colleges on the web and, as he explains, “I liked what I saw and I found the online learning experience to be excellent.”

Marcus, from  Woodend in Victoria, also appreciated the benefits of OpenSpace online portal and the  student support offered by Open Colleges.

“If ever I needed help in understanding an assignment, I just emailed the trainer who always replied very quickly,” Marcus says.

Marcus first arrived in Australia ten years ago, as a 16-year-old, to study hospitality and has since worked in a number of jobs. The decision to enrol in IT looks like being a solid career-builder on his part.


Andrianes Pinantoan is InformED's editor and part of the marketing team behind Open Colleges. When not working, he can be found reading about two of his favourite subjects: education and psychology. You can find him on Google+ or @andreispsyched.

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  1. Scott king says:

    This is an interesting article and concept, I feel a good move from open colleges. One thing I wonder about is, what courses did the subject move into after inquiring with the college? and or the inclusion of direct links to the subjects category choice. if that were included it would be very straight forward for propective students.
    Perhaps the story isnt quite as clear as it could be as its states he intends to further his studies then in the following paragraph quotes him as stating, he found it online learning excellent.
    So a direct link to that course would be a lot more sucsessfull in my eyes i couldnt seem to find it on the page.

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