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December 15th, 2011 No Comments Features, Other

At Open Colleges we realise that people want to send and receive information across many different modes of communication and platforms. As part of our commitment to keeping at the cutting edge of the highly flexible and mobile nature of communication, we have launched a mobile website.

Our analysis of the traffic on our main website indicates that 10% of all visits come via a mobile device. One of our partners, Google, informs that 12% of all enquiries in the education space are conducted through a mobile device, so the move to mobile makes sense.  In fact our early results show that close to 25% of all our initial course enquiries come via our mobile platform!

“We recognise the benefit to our potential customers in having a mobile site, which we have developed in partnership with Google. Ours is easy to navigate, you can find full course information on it and you can directly call through to our course and careers adviser team,” says Marketing Channel Manager Diarmid Farquhar. “Plus we are gaining key insights from this site that we can look to apply to our student-facing OpenSpace portal.”

Additionally, Open Colleges recognises the increasing relevance of social media channels to our students, and we want to make sure you can find us or can contact us through the best way for you.  “Ultimately we believe our students and future students can, and will, benefit from being more closely and easily engaged with Open Colleges,” concludes Diarmid. “Being accessible and social is more than creating a mobile site or Facebook profile, but it’s a good place to start.”

With initiatives like our mobile site, and increasing our social media presence, Open Colleges is keeping in step with the advance of technology and the latest patterns of communication.

The new site is now ‘live’, so don’t hesitate to contact us on your mobile, at opencolleges.edu.au.


Andrianes Pinantoan is InformED's editor and part of the marketing team behind Open Colleges. When not working, he can be found reading about two of his favourite subjects: education and psychology. You can find him on Google+ or @andreispsyched.

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